Article Marketing Myth

I have laugh at article marketers. When you’ve been doing this long before the term article marketing even existed. What I don’t like is all the myths that get started all over the Internet in regard to article marketing. I honestly don’t know how many myths there are or what number this one comes in at but, syndication and duplicate content theories are enough to make me want to yank out all my hair out of my head. If you’re going to be worried about syndicating the same article all over the Internet or the penalties that you might get, check out this article first, don’t drive yourself crazy.

So, the theory to this myth is. If you write an article and submit that single article to a lot of directories and/or sites, Google will only index ONE of those articles at best or at worst, they totally erase you from the face of the planet because you have the same copy of that article at 100 different sites. This is a load of hogwash that I don’t even know where to begin to debunk it. So probably the best way is to give you something to look up at Google and see for yourself that this is the biggest piece of misinformation that article marketers have been perpetuating since article marketing begin.

What I want you to try is this. Go to Google and type in, quotes included, “Affiliate Marketing Tips – Is it Unethical to Promote Products You’ve Never Tried?” It’s not the greatest example in the world, but even for such an obscure article title as this one, you can see all the syndicated copies of this article. It doesn’t seem to me that anybody was penalized just because they published the same article at multiple sites.

Do you see the ridiculousness of this argument. The reason that article directories exist in the first place is so that site owners who are trying to find content, can take content from one article directory and put it, on their OWN site, unaltered. If article marketers were penalized for doing this, what would be the purpose of syndicating content? There wouldn’t be any, and article directories would eventually go out of business as there would be no use for them.

Google itself has even come out and said that there is no duplicate content penalty. Unless you are taking the same article and republishing it at multiple locations on the same domain, in order to trick the search engines into thinking there is more unique content at THAT site than there really is. So, if you have an article and want to publish it, unaltered, at 200-300 different sites, knock yourself out. Nothing bad is going to happen and, the good thing is that you’ll get some nice backlinks for yourself in the process.