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Who Makes the Best Resistance Bands By: David Johnson – There are so many resistance bands on the market today, you maybe wondering who makes the best resistance bands. Here are the best resistance bands I have found.

The Best Online Business Ideas for Women By: David Johnson – There are many online business ideas for women. It would be almost impossible to to cover them all here, but here are the best onine business ideas for women.

Setting Personal Goals In Life By: David Johnson – Some are not setting personal goals in life. This can be somewhat dangerous. You can also get some tips on how to set personal goals.

Lumosity Review Brain Games By: David Johnson – A Lumosity review from someone who is actually a customer of Lumosity and my experience of playing the brain games at Lumosity.

Tony Horton Life Story By: David Johnson – I love P90X and Tony Horton and I am always interested in hearing Tony Horton’s Life Story. I found it in a speech he gave at a Beachbody seminar he did.

Learn About Audio Production By: Rick Fretboard – Mastering audio production starts with asking the right questions. Like why does my audio sound like this? What effects do that and how does my room acoustics affect my work?

Worst Twerking Video By: David Johnson – One of the worst twerking video became very popular on the internet and many news outlets. However, Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he and his people were the mastermind of the twerking hoax.

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