Auction Payday. Kids Play. Make Money On EBay While Raising the Kids!

Did you miss your baby’s first steps because you were at work? Do you work just to pay day care? – If so,….

"God! I wish you had written this several years ago.—You Made This SO EASY!"

Let me tell you a little about me… My name is Vickie Sayce and I was a stay at home mom… I am now an empty-nester and I am watching my nieces and nephews struggle to start their families while working and I see the turmoil that they are going through.

They tell me that they ‘Have’ to go out to work to bring in enough cash to live the lifestyle their family desires…

However, that means having to go through the daily routine of dropping their little ones off at the sitter’s everyday!

They hate that – seeing their little faces looking all sad as they pulled away. The heartbreak in their little eyes pulls at them for hours as they go to work and about their routines. (If only they could make money on eBay while raising the kids!)

And then they go and collect them and hear about the new and exciting things their baby has done today!

Let me ask you… Do you pick up your child from day care to hear all of the new things your child has learned to do today?

She hates to hear that she has missed yet another milestone in her little girl’s life. To know she is growing and learning new things and she is missing it all!

Since I knew the joy of being home with my kids and now, as an empty-nester, have been building an eBay and internet marketing business, I knew I needed to help struggling young families find some other way of bringing home…

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