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First, we are NOT a blog network full of useless articles with 2 links per article on every subject under the sun. You know, the kind of sites the search engines love to punish! No, we own high authority websites that adhere to the rules of the search engines.

We already have content on our sites, with each site focused on a certain small niche so there is no article writing needed from you. Keeping the site related to a specific niche improves the visitor experience, which is what the search engines want…a better user experience.

You buy HOMEPAGE advertising space on our websites and we place a link along with your description to your website within the body of our content. This is the same concept as buying advertising space on any name brand website, but we make it very fast and easy for you to do.

Our ads look like most other contextual advertising ads that you see on other large name brand websites.

Your website link is not on our site for the use of inflating your ranking positions, which is against most search engine terms of service. Our websites have images and videos which are related to the content which improves the visitor experience and your advertising link will also contribute to the user experience.

Our automated advertising system tries to place your ad on the most relevant website in our inventory. Your advertising campaign will contribute to the user experience and provide our website visitors with additional links to information they might be interested in.

“I give Homepagelinks.com my seal of approval!” – I’m an avid tester. I have to say that Homepagelinks.com was put through the ringer on a VERY competitive keyword. I tested them on a single word keyword that most…

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