How to Write Small Reports for Profit!

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Can you imagine if you could sit down for hours with a true information marketer and get him to explain a "five step system" on how to create small reports and turn them into a full time profitable business in such a way that YOU could understand it … do it … and actually see results from it?

Think of this individual as your own personal expert or "guru" sitting down in your living room drinking your favorite beverage while both of you talk passionate about making money by creating and selling small 7 – 15 page reports, when suddenly, you both realize it’s past midnight and decide its a good idea to continue the conversation the next opportune time.

As you kept asking question after question and he, in turn, answered all of them, don’t you think you would eventually discover that you CAN do this? You would understand that there really is a THREE STEP SYSTEM.

What if that person went and created a blueprint for you to follow that made it all easy? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

After trying so many products and courses that only left you searching for more, you finally stumble onto a system that makes sense and you can follow step-by-step! You finally believe that you can start making money!

Introducing The Small Reports Profit System™ : A Step-By-Step, "Beginner Friendly", Training Program For Making Money Online With Information Products

That’s what you’ll find with The Small Reports Profit System™. What you’ll discover (to your relief and excitement!) is that there are only five "steps" in this blueprint. This system involves five things you do every week to run your business. To be sure, there are a lot of smaller parts involved, but the basic game plan involves just five things.

I’ve revealed throughout this letter how this can all be done with a simple 3 Step System and many want me to reveal the "three steps", so I thought I’d just be completely transparent here and tell you what they are. That is, if you are the slightest bit interested. 🙂

Step #1: Create An Offer. It all begins with creating a new offer. This is almost exclusively an "information" based product or service and includes small reports, ebooks, membership sites, physical products, coaching programs and software applications. It all hinges upon writing tiny, 7-15 page special reports. That’s all! And, if you don’t feel comfortable writing even these bite-sized reports, I’ll show you how to hire a "ghostwriter" to do it for you!

Step #2: Build A List. With a new offer created, you then send out multiple mailings to all of your lists. This, as you can imagine, creates a flurry of orders instantly … literally within minutes of sending out the mailing the orders begin to arrive. Some who use this system have tens of thousands of subscribers on their lists and more coming in every single day. (You’ll learn how to get your own lists!)

Step #3: Notify Partners. Want to know what to do to generate "traffic" to your site? It’s simple: I notify my affiliates and partners of my new offers … and THEY do all of the work for you! Whether it’s a full-time affiliate manager, a member of an affiliate program or limited joint venture partners, almost 100% of the traffic in this system is generated by OTHER PEOPLE. And — get this — the lists that I mentioned earlier … those are built through partner traffic as well!

What it all comes down to is this: You create information products and marketing materials (I.E. Ezine articles) and have other people do all of marketing for you.

Listen up: you’re gonna learn how to do this for yourself. It’s not complicated. You need your own information products and people to promote them for you to build your list and sales on your behalf.

1) You need your own information product. You need digital products (IE Downloadable "ebooks") that you sell to generate revenue. *** Don’t worry – you won’t have to write anything longer than 7-15 pages … and you can even get someone else to do this for you! ***

2) You need your own list. You need a growing list of responsive subscribers you can notify anytime a new product is created so they can buy again and again.

3) You need your own affiliate program. You need affiliates out there working hard to promote your products for a commission.

And, withThe Small Reports Profit System™ training program, you’ll learn *exactly* how to get all five of these things in place. And you’ll learn it in a step-by-step system that was designed FOR BEGINNERS.

When you download your copy of The Small Reports Profit System™ training program you’ll receive in the main guide…

Small Reports Profit System (Step-By-Step System for Creating An Information Product)

Start with a 7-15 page report and snowball it into an entire information empire!

This 95-page manual is your complete, step-by-step system for creating information products on virtually any subject imaginable and selling them online.

The age-old marketing law that is the basis for earning maximum profit with minimal effort in the information business. (Page 5)

Why you need to go against the grain and focus your time and energy on "broad" markets instead of "niche" topics. (Page 7)

3 simple rules for choosing a red-hot "market" full of eager-beaver, hungry buyers to buy not one or two, but dozens of your small reports! (Page 8)

20 highly-profitable "markets…