Instant Niche Emails

Attention Authors, Experts and Niche Marketers! The Amazingly Simple Way To Create A Year’s Worth Of Profit-Pulling, Relationship-Building Emails For Your Market …Literally Overnight!

“How A Techno-Phobic Schoolteacher’s Amazing ‘Follow-Up Marketing’ Discovery Transforms Ordinary Websites into Massive Profit Powerhouses!!”

How much would a rabidly hungry, loyal list of niche subscribers be worth to your business?

You know that building a list and following up with subscribers funnels more money in your pocket… but keeping your email messages vibrant and cutting-edge can be overwhelming! Perhaps you’ve had your own neglected lists – just sitting there, waiting to be monetized, but you feel paralyzed, not knowing what to write week after week.

That summed up my story! After teaching elementary school for 17 years, I decided to create a site based on teaching children – something I loved and knew well.

So, I set up a homeschooling website and grew my list. But writing those newsletters each week was driving me insane. It took almost 2 hours to write and format each of my emails. I dreaded writing my newsletter like the plague.

Finally, life got really chaotic, and I just quit sending out my newsletter. After all that work to build a list! It was just sitting on my hard drive as dry as a bone, no longer bringing me in one red cent.

I really wanted to create a relationship with my subscribers. I cared for them and when I did write an email, I wrote as if I was speaking to dear friends. While I wasn’t following up as much as I knew I should, I did grasp one vital piece of information…

5 Reasons Why Relational Email Marketing Is The Best Way To Build Your Online Fortune

Reason #1 People want to buy from…

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