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The PROFESSIONAL Promotional Planning Calendar Over 3,800 Events, Holidays and Observances for the US, UK, Canadian, Australian and Chinese Markets Web Based Calendar Application

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DETAILS ABOUT THE LEEP 3,800+ EVENTS, HOLIDAYS & PROMOTIONS FOR 2014 Focusing on United States, Canadian, Australian, United Kingdom and Chinese Markets. The LEEP Calendar is the most comprehensive holiday, event and promotional calendar database of North American, United Kingdom, Oceanic & Chinese celebrations. See for yourself just how much time and money you can save with the LEEP Calendar. COMPLETE YOUR EDITORIAL, PROMOTIONAL OR MARKETING CALENDAR IN AN HOUR [PAID SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. TRY IT FREE FOR 7-DAYS] Creating a Marketing Plan, Advertising Calendar or Editorial Calendar used to take weeks, even months to compile. With the LEEP Calendar, you can complete your editorial, marketing or advertising calendar in less than an hour for the full year. We’ve done the work for you and continue to check the dates throughout the year to keep this calendar up-to-date. ADVERTISING FREE [PAID SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. TRY IT FREE FOR 7-DAYS] Paid subscribers to the LEEP Calendar view the calendar without advertising. It’s just one of the many benefits of being a LEEP Subscriber. SEARCH, GET RESULTS, EXPORT & YOU’RE DONE [PAID SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. TRY IT FREE FOR 7-DAYS] It really is that simple. Events in the LEEP have been segmented into 52 keyword categories and are categorized by…