Making Money From Adsense and Google Adwords

"If You Know How To Copy And Paste You Qualify To Implement This SIMPLE ‘EZY Income System’ To Generate A Continuous CASH FLOW On The Internet in your Pajamas"

Hi Richard, I just got your new course this weekend and I wanted to tell you that this really looks like the basic training resource I was looking for. I am so new at the internet marketing that I have not yet finished my first web site. So finding your course is wonderful. You were really able to think like a ‘newbie’ and come up with the questions and problems we face in Just trying to sort out the technical and strategy parts of things. Thank you for all the thought and effort that you put into this product. I will put it to good use and will send you a good endorsement as well as future business as an affiliate of yours! Blessings to you! John Lucht John Lucht Ministries

Let me tell you from the start that I am not some ‘rich jerk’. Neither am I going to tell you that you are some ‘poor and frustrated jerk’, and that I’m better than you.

I am just an ordinary guy who had been marketing on the Internet for the past 7 years. My name is Richard Quek and I come from the sunny country of Malaysia. That is north of Singapore!

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and had given up my accountancy profession to pursue my passion….helping others succeed in the field of Internet marketing, Network marketing and Motivation.

I have authored more than 10 books and is also giving seminars on Internet marketing and Network marketing. In one of my seminar, the TIMM Super Seminar, I am charging more that US$1,500 per head…