NSP V3.0: More Powerful Than EVER

Hello I’m Tyler Ericsson, the creator of Net Space Profits, and I am excited to introduce you to my newly released Version 3.0 System which is more Powerful Than EVER.

If you’re like me the first thing you want you’re wondering is do I even need to read this page? What is Net Space Profits about and what’s in it for me?

In a nutshell, Net Space Profits is a very efficient process of cranking out a portfolio of highly effective, highly targeted, and precisely positioned 1-page websites for 43 specific business categories and then quickly leasing those spaces to local businesses in your market…

If you were looking for a florist in Mesa Arizona, this would be the most logical term you would search.

You will see this from your Google search, Number 1, "Florists in Mesa", that’s mine – I set this Net Space up quickly as a demo for you.

Using my Net Space Profits system I effortlessly set up these sites I call “spaces” and then use my 3 step technique to get them well positioned in local searches just like this REAL LIVE Example your looking at, what I then would do is lease this ‘space’ to a local florist for them to put their telephone number on.�

This very space leases for at least $300 and the florist pays me every 30 days just for leaving their phone number on there…. The massive CASH pieis just waiting for YOU.

That’s what Net Space Profits is all about… when someone is looking for a plumber in your city, they find your local plumbing site which funnels them right to your client.

But, when you narrow your focus down to a single local market by selecting a specific local domain things begin to change.


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