Optimize Your AirBnB Listing

Are you curious about what it really takes to make a steady income from renting your pad on Airbnb?

Dear Airbnb Lister and Soon-To-Be Master of Your Own Financial Destiny, "Do you sometimes dream about how your life would be different if you had enough money, didn’t have a job, and were able to do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted?"

But the big problem is earning an income you can rely on and still being free to do what you want without being tied down to a "job".

As an Airbnb Host you are offering short-term rentals of your pad, apartment or home; this means you rent it from 1, 2 or 3 nights a week or even as long as week or more. This is not a normal month to month rental agreement — as your Airbnb daily rental fee is for a significantly higher daily income.

You’ll earn a much higher level of rental earnings — sometimes as high as some 4 or 5 Star Motels charge!

And because you know how to professionally list, setup, and handle your Airbnb listing and reservations your pad is constantly in demand and rented out!

Your Airbnb listing is getting a lot of attention, because your rental listing title, write up and professional photos are eye-catching and well-done. People contact you to rent it because you’ve priced it right, and have many of the amenities people are looking for in a nice short-term rental. This means…

Through your Airbnb listing and consistently renting your apartment, you may have enough income from daily rentals to not worry about earning an income through a regular job if you so desire. Because you may have a steady (and much higher) income from your Airbnb rentals — then, you can more easily pay off your bills, buy something you’ve always wanted, or even salt some of that extra money away for a rainy-day or your future retirement!

Experience the thrill of exploring new countries, experiencing new and different cultures, visiting ancient ruins, seeing incredible historic monuments, famous buildings, world renowned cathedrals, and dazzling vistas, tasting new, exciting and flavorful foods and conversing with the indigenous people.

Now what if… You could make a steady and reliable income from renting your living space or home?

"Renting your pad for a steady and very high cash flow would allow you to finally feel free enough to quit your job and happily kiss the "9-to-5 grind goodbye!"

"You had a rock-solid proven plan, a guidebook if you will, so you could do it — without the endless frustration, and self-doubting anxiety of "I know this can’t possibly work for me"…(that’s the negative thought which has prevented you from checking this out in the past?)

Because you may be thinking to yourself, that even the possibility of this idea working out for you could bust wide open the doors to — a life filled with incredible adventures!

"Wouldn’t you kick yourself if you don’t take a leap of faith and see for yourself if there is any possibility at all, you could live this fantasy life you’ve always wanted?"

…change your life. It did ours. We’ve broken the chains and slipped the shackles of our old "9-to-5 lives"!

We know it sounds incredible. But we did it and we’re here to show you how! We’ll tell you exactly what to do, how to do it and when, so you can earn extra money renting out your apartment or home.

We are two expert Airbnb Hosts and right on this page we’ll be revealing out "proven short-term rental hosting secrets" on how to properly list your pad/apt/home for rent.

You’ll even get all our slick tricks for optimizing the listing, taking photos, how to clean and setup your pad! Its all covered from A to Z inside a complete Airbnb program custom tailored to make your new Airbnb listing a huge success!

We created a step-by-step Host Plan for getting your pad ready to rent and securing reliable bookings and earning a steady (and high) income on Airbnb!

Many of our friends look at us in awe, wishing that they could have the wonderful and carefree existence that we enjoy. You know what I tell them? You can.

It bridged the gap from our former lives as a trader and as an attorney to our current life as world travelers. If it were not for this wondrous invention, we would likely have been forced back into a corporate straight jacket a year or two ago.

We have a consistent revenue stream that allows us to remain in this fairytale like existence. In short, we live the life of a modern day, Peter Pan. The world is our Never-Never Land, Airbnb is our pixie dust, and our entire lives are happy and filled with exciting adventures — which are more exciting in real life than our dreams.

Right now you have the opportunity to experience for yourself a world you’ve only dreamed of. We’re here to help get your Airbnb listing done right, learn now to be a superior Host so you can start making short-term rental income. Then you can cut free and start living your own dreams.

Well, while the enthusiasm for international travel has grown, there has been a simultaneous tightening of pockets. Translation: people want to travel on the cheap.

This is quite a conundrum, isnt it? With exorbitantly high airline prices, expensive intra-city transportation, and costly big city restaurants, bargain traveling can be as elusive as the fantastical Lochness monster.

Airbnb is a massive network of owners and guests that only seems to be growing bigger as the economy continues to tank and spendable income continues to shrink.

As of 2014, Airbnb has hosted over 10 million guest stays at more than 550,000 properties across 175 countries and 26,000 cities. Over 6 million guest stays in 2013…