Publish in Journals 3.0: From Manuscript to Citations (Publish Research Papers in Academic Journals)

Book Lenth 13,457 words

– 5 figures
– 4 business/journal cases

– Full links to documents, websites and definitions

This eBook is focused on how you can organize to effectively publish in journals, so it doesn't replace the other books written on certain parts of the process, as writing an article. What the author has tried to provide is a comprehensive but simple model, based on a spider web:

The spider is the professor, who has to build his/her network and publications.The silk is the raw material of the papers; that is, the research.The elements of nature are Internet, Open Access, and Web tools 3.0; but also journals, editors, publishers, peer-reviewers, and many more.The prey of the web would be the citations from other academics.