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Time is short, so let’s get to the heart of it. We’re all looking for new quick and easy ways to get loads of fresh traffic and backlinks to our sites.

But, when it comes down to it, few advertising solutions are pain-free.

Pay-per-click search engines take countless hours of management (if you don’t want to bust the bank). And free search engine traffic is often unreliable. Because one-day you’re on top… and the next… you’re nowhere to be found!

Plus let’s not forget banners, e-zine advertising, and other small ads that take time-consuming testing and tracking to make profitable.

But, what about articles? There’s a very good chance you’ve already heard about…

They’re known as the fastest surefire way to boost your websites’ search rankings, gain credibility (and respect) from potential customers, and flood your website with FREE traffic from publications around the web.

Many marketers even consider them their "Go-to" solution for getting quality traffic… especially when they don’t want to spend a fortune on pricey advertising.

Simply type up a short article — and thousands of websites and e-publications rush to publish your in-demand content (along with your resource box inside). This means each article you write, results in…

But, are articles the magic advertising solution? Nope. Quite frankly, they come with their problems too.

First, you’ve got to write them. And Most people hate writing. To many it feels like hemorrhaging blood!

And after you’ve managed to squeak out an article, you’ve then got to find people who want it. The common way to do this is to submit to the countless article directories.

But, this takes forever. Not to mention…