Tee Cash Blueprint

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I’m proud to say I actually AM obsessed… not because I love designing t-shirts (you don’t even have to)… but because with the cash that it’s possible to generate on Teespring these days, anyone is able to give their family a really comfortable lifestyle.

If you suddenly discovered an almost unfair way to make money online, where payments poured into your paypal or bank account every single day…

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Let’s say right now, out of curiosity, you decide to try your hands at creating your own t-shirt designs on Teespring.

But in just 15 minutes, you suddenly come up with a design that actually makes you think to yourself…

You click a few more buttons to complete the process, and within minutes, your t-shirt design is UP for sale.

Then you decide to put up a Facebook fan page to enhance your marketing and get your t-shirt design promoted.

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Your fan base explodes, and your customers are eagerly looking forward to your next t-shirt design, credit card in hand, just waiting for your announcement.

And you know that the second you release a new design, a flood of sales is going to come rushing in that could easily add…

In fact, making money with Teespring has become so lucrative that I decided to stop selling $2,000 products online to start selling $20 t-shirts.

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You see, not long ago, I was a struggling entrepreneur. I had no formal education. And when it came to making money online, I was a clueless newbie.

And like many newbies, I got caught up with spending so much of my hard-earned money on courses, products and programs that promised to change my life.

I tried building niche sites, tried building a list, tried blogging and so many other methods most marketers fall for…

But sadly, none of those things changed my life. It only made me poorer and threw me deeper into debt.

I felt so frustrated and desperate, I almost had to sell my house because my savings were running dry. I felt like a total failure, and thought that my life was done.

My friends felt so sorry for me, they recommended I see a therapist. I knew my family was worried for me, and I couldn’t help but think I had failed big time as a husband and a dad.

It was about making money with Teespring, and I decided to find out just what the buzz was all about.

You see, what immediately “made sense” to me was that designing and selling clothes on Teespring doesn’t require you to spend any money to get started – not a single penny.

Unlike most other internet marketing and make money online methods, you don’t need to risk a cent to start making money with Teespring.

“I was never good at art or design. I knew nuts about marketing. I don’t think I can do this.”

Nothing impressive, but I wasn’t the least bit disappointed because I always believed in the saying…

You see, when I started networking with other Teespring marketers who were also bringing in the Big Bucks, we all came to the conclusion that the success you’re going to have is not about how good a designer you are, how “artistic” you are, or how big a budget you have.

Here’s why: I’ve stumbled upon a winning facebook formula that allows you to attract a RUSH of sales & profits you never even knew existed… which means now you won’t have to end up like most struggling Teespring marketers who still don’t “get it” even after having been in the game for months and years.

They just haven’t had the luck and opportunity to find out what really works when it comes to selling truckloads of t-shirts online.

“Why am I this lucky, William? Why will you help me succeed with Teespring? What do you get out of it?”

More importantly, I want to EXPOSE the so-called Teespring “gurus” and to let their students know that they’re being LIED to — especially if they just can’t seem to be successful with selling loads…