Tom Ambrozewicz’s Solo Ads Offer

Hi Tom. Your solo ads are awesome! I made… well… I’ve lost count of the sales, I can tell you that. I WILL be ordering more. Thanks! Hope Crutti

Hello Tom, Just to let you know that I’m a satisfied client of your solo ad business. The 1st campaign (and the only one, until now) that I did with you, had a opt-in rate of 40.91%. WOW! Kako Merk

There are really just two kinds of advertising – that which you pay for and that which you get for free. And both should have their place in your overall marketing strategy. Effective "free advertising" strategies do exist, however, the bottom line is that there are only 24 hours in a day and there’s only so much you can do during that time. Free advertising strategies can be effective, but normally, anything that’s free is going to cost you time. Getting the most out of paid for advertising and getting it without a lot of investment of time is the object. If you could spend $1,000 a day on advertising to make $1,500 a day in profits — without spending hours doing it — why wouldn’t you just do that? It’s not hard at all. Most internet marketers, even new ones, are very well aware of and use the obvious tool to market their products – SOLO ADS! I worked hard to build my list of double opt-in opportunity seeking subscribers and now, you can market to them for a fee. Basically…

Stop waisting your time on directories, SEO, PPV, Twitter, Facebook and all other free stuff that usually will bring you none to mediocre results. Market directly to a people who ARE waiting to get your offer. Here are few rules

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