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If you’re sick and tired of all the BS you’re being fed about how to get ‘ targeted’ traffic and backlinks to your sites, and you’re just flat out confused, and don’t know what to believe anymore, then…

Since Google’s last series of updates…these are the cold, hard facts. So you’d better listen up…

…..Forget about linking schemes….. Forget about those blog networks…..Forget about those so called ‘BS ‘traffic loopholes….Forget about ‘ auto-blogging’, and Forget about buying links as ways of getting reliable long-term traffic and building backlinks to your sites….

And you don’t have a clue how bad this will all get, or what you can do to stop the life-blood of your business slowly being drained away.

But, what makes you feel totally helpless and frustrated though, is that none of what’s happening to you now is your fault!

You know, few things are more difficult to consistently do on the Internet today than generate traffic – and it’s made even more difficult because Google’s recent updates (call them Panda and Penguin if you want) seriously threw a monkey wrench into the way traffic has traditionally been generated.

Google has now decided to not only keep changing the game, but to go on a vendetta to rid their results of ANY website that doesn’t meet it’s standard of ‘quailty’

So straight away you can forget about… “link farms”, “blog networks and schemes”, “content directories” and “forum signatures” (plus a whole bunch of other dubious traffic generation methods that were popular 12 months ago) because they are just no longer effective.

And if you use any of those methods, you can be 100% certain, that sooner or later your site/s will end up in Google’s cross-hairs, and then your site/s will ‘tank’ dramatically in the rankings.

In fact, using any of those traffic generation techniques, which have been so popular for so long, is now the quickest way to get your site completely de-indexed.

Google’s “unnatural links” penalty has left so many Internet entrepreneurs in a cold-sweat and totally confused, dreading what to do next if (and when) Google strikes again…

What you do need to do is forget everything you thought you knew up to this point about traffic generation.

If you can do that, and you can spare five or 10 minutes to read the rest of this web page, I’ll show you how you can turn your fortunes around and start enjoying a new found flow of targeted……reliable…..long-term traffic that you need to grow your Internet business into 2012 and beyond.

He felt the more traffic the better and he used every traffic generation method he could find or pay for to send traffic to his sites.

Using this “throw everything against the wall and see what sticks” approach he was able to generate a massive amount of traffic for a while but it ended up costing him more than he was making.

Then a lot of the techniques he was using, like blog networks….content directories…links farms and link buys, ended up getting him penalized and his sites just vanished from the Google rankings.

Derek didn’t listen to me when I tried to tell him…targeted traffic was by far the best traffic, and so much better than the ‘garbage’ traffic his sites were attracting, and he ended up paying the ultimate price for his stubbornness.

When his sites dropped down the Google rankings he actually become so despondent that he quit the internet altogether.

That’s right, he gave up on the Internet and went back to the drudgery and boredom of working a regular day-time job.

Just like my friend Derek there are thousands of other Internet marketers out there who didn’t see the writing on the wall.

The magical ‘one-click software’ he was using (something that was being peddled by a self-proclaimed Internet Guru)….WON’T WORK anymore (that’s if it ever did)

All those tactics might have worked for a while, but Google eventually wakes up to what’s going on, and when they do – YOU get penalized…. BIG TIME..

The truth is the only way to generate the traffic you need and to build a long-term sustainable business online, is to forget about those miracle one-click traffic systems … forget about the latest tactic of the week someone has dreamed up … and instead start doing some honest work.

If you aren’t pleased about the thought of having to do a little work, then stop reading now because what I’m about to reveal now is NOT for you.

Great, then it’s time you discovered the real secret to generating targeted, long-term traffic in 2014…..

Yes, on the Internet content is still king (even more now than ever before) – which means if you create unique content and post it on other high-ranking sites in your niche, Google will reward you with higher rankings, which in turn will lead to more backlinks and more traffic!

So if you produce high quality content, and you can find these quality high ranking sites in your niche, you can contact these site owners and offer to put your content on their sites.

It’s a win for the site owner because the site owner gets an ongoing supply of content he’s always craving (for free) which helps boost the rankings and authority of his sites.

It’s a win for YOU because you get hoards of traffic and backlinks to your own sites. And you watch your rankings soar because Google loves backlinks from content relevant sites in similar niches (while others who are using all those rank-destroying strategies see their rankings plummet and their traffic die)

In other words, if you post high-quality content on other websites that are related to your niche, Google is going show…