Who is a Disciplined Disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ

This book is not for a novice it is for the mature student "WILL BE A HORSE FOR GOD" is for them that want to grow in the Spirit of God read more

“Blow The Last Trumpet In The Remnant Church” is basically talking about the coming manifestations of the Son’s of God read more

This is part (3) and is teaching material for the very mature Christian only.We talk about the manifestation of the sons of God read more

This book is not for the beginner,it is for the Christian that wants to be mature.It is Keys to success read more

This book is a vehicle and a tool for the Pastor to teach from with all the Scriptures listed through read more

This book is an autobiography, and a testimony of healing of the Reverend Brian Richards and Prophet read more

This book is for the Christian that wants to go all the way with God,and become a Disciplined Disciple read more

JESUS LIVES IN YOUR HOMETOWN answer “IT’S THE POWER OF GOD THROUGH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST” without prayer we can do nothing! read more

This book is far from being normal for some! it is extremely unconventional for some readers, while for some more mature persons this will be refreshingly honest and to the point. And great Pastors, teachers, in the book, and will leave you meditations lasting for years to come and guessing if and when the world is coming to an end? There are no predictions of doom and gloom, but plenty of reasons to rejoice if we are not walking in darkness! Is this a normal process for every Christian to go though a period of darkness? well read and find out and be delightfully refreshed in the…