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We have assembled this 2 pack of plugins to help Automate the process of adding content to your site. Whether it’s adding Mass amounts of PLR, Unique Articles or RSS feeds, This pack is for you.

Don’t waste your time doing the old copy and paste method over and over again…. GET Automated so you have more time to create, build and Market your sites Instead of being bogged down with B.S. of adding content to your sites. You deserve a Vacation; why not use these Plugins to help make that Happen.

Let me start by explaining to you the problem most bloggers have. These are comments from bloggers polled by WA:

If so, Then Check Out Each Plugin Below to Find Out How WE put This Whole Package of Plugins together to Do ALL of this for YOU!

"This Ultimate New WordPress Plugin Allows You To Post 10’s And 100’s Of Articles With A Custom Timestamp At The Click of your Mouse.

This Cutting Edge Way To Post Articles To Your Site With Randomization Will take Your Blogging to a Whole New Level. Your WordPress Blog will Grow And Grow With Content That Will Make Even Google Stand up and Take Notice. If You Are Looking For A Way To Get to the Top Of Google and other Search Engines and Be On Vacation While You Do IT, Then WA MASS Article Poster Is For YOU!!!

In 40 Seconds We Added 456 UNIQUE Articles That Will Post At RANDOM Times Over A Period Of 2 Years!

This revolutionary WA Plugin offers custom randomization of importing a MASS amount of Articles to your site at the instant click of the button! Here are some of the cool benefits you get with this WA Mass Article…

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