4 Minute Money

"Bullsh*t! You Can’t Make Money in 4 Minutes! (That’s What I Used To Think, Too…)

In a world where everyone is being pulled in 37 different directions per minute … adult onset A.D.D. on the rise … nearly impossible to focus on any *one* thing for more than 10 minutes at a time, what’s a person with greater aspirations to do?

How the heck are we supposed to pay off our debt, pay that increasing mortage payment, save for a vaction, or heaven forbid — "Keep up with the Jones" anymore?!?

What we need is a way to take advantage of this channel-flipping, internet-surfing, Youtube-watching mentality. I mean, instead fighting our natural desire to ‘flip’ from one thing to another; why not HARNESS it?

"Gurus" try to make it rocket science. They try to talk over your head and explain these extremely intricate strategies and tactics. Do you wanna know why?

Because they know that if you feel like their product didn’t work for you because it was "too advanced" that you won’t ASK FOR A REFUND.

I’m sorry, but ‘that’ is a scam. They make you feel like YOU did something wrong "but you received great information, so it was money well spent."

You see – you’re told to build this business following their information "step-by-step" and I’m not saying it doesn’t work, but I’ve been in that exact position…

I spent $997 here, $1997 there – and each one of those courses promised me "fast money"… they must have forgot to mention that "fast" to them meant staying up for hours on end, late nights away from my family, and then ‘poof’ 6 months later my business is almost set up.

Well I didn’t have 6 months to build a business and then wait for…