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300000 PLR Articles – Limited Time Special Offer

As I’m sure you know, publishing a articles with your name, bio and contact information on them is one of the surest ways to drive traffic to your website and become an authority in your marketplace. However, writing your own articles can be time-consuming and to be honest a real drag. On the other hand, hiring someone to write articles for you can be extremely costly and often yields less than desirable results.

But with private label articles you don’t have to spend hours writing, editing or spending a fortune hiring an expensive ghost writer. You just get to reap the rewards because control the content, you decide how to use it, and you can leaverage it to position yourself as an expert in your marketplace fast.
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Article marketing exposed!

If you are willing to put in the time to follow this method, you WILL make money and a
good amount of it. What you need to remember is that there is no super highway to
making money on the Internet. You MUST stay consistent and motivated even when
you get frustrated and feel like things are not going your way. It is those who continue
to work and promote their business that will in the end be successful.

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Make More Money with Daily Affiliate Tasklists

In this presentation from Susanne Myers, you’ll discover how to organize task lists which is a key principle in creating your successful affiliate marketing business. Although this is a NAMS 100 level session these lessons and principles can and SHOULD be utilized by any online affiliate marketer. Susanne teaches the fundamentals in breaking your projects and tasks into more manageable functions which means less time spinning your wheels and more time earning revenue. Some key highlights of her presentation include:

How to work toward goals that will afford you the lifestyle you want
Breaking your goals down into smaller projects
Creating weekly and daily to-do lists that will help you complete your projects including daily tasks for content creation, traffic generation, list building and email marketing
Tightening and Targeting Your Offers
Repurposing and Recycling Content Ideas
The Best Ways to Monetize Your Site
Make more money using free content, free articles and article marketing
Using Article Directories to submit articles

How I Made $14,000 in 48hrs By Publishing One Article and How You Can Do It Too. (The Internet – No Place For Dummies)

Article Syndication / Marketing is a powerful tool if you know how to use it. This book provides the exact strategy I used to make $14,000 from one syndicated article in 48 hrs. This article went on to reach over 1 Million people and continues to generate income for my business over 10 years after publication.
This guide provides you with everything you need to know about article syndication. I walk you through the simple steps I use to –
1 – Create an effective landing page
2 – Setup your email auto-responder list
3 – Write a syndication quality article (or get someone to write it for you)
4 – Generate a list of syndication partners
5 – Submit the article and track the results

It's a very simple system which I use day in, day out and it costs absolutely nothing to implement.
Learn my system and make money in as little as 24 hours from article marketing and article syndication.

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