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Email Marketing Power: 49 Email Marketing Secrets That Will Jump-Start Your Business And Produce Dramatic Results

Email marketing is the oldest and best form of social media. As Chris Brogan has wisely said, your inbox is the hottest social network. And dispite rumors of it's demise, email marketing is adding massive value to the small businesses that use it well. In this simple to follow marketing guide you'll learn 49 marketing secrets that will help jump-start your business. Maybe you know some of these tactics – but you probably don't know all 49. Written for marketers by marketers, this book is not a technical manuel on how to send email. It is a marketing guidebook filled with marketing tips and strategies. Start your email marketing journey today!

How I Made $14,000 in 48hrs By Publishing One Article and How You Can Do It Too. (The Internet – No Place For Dummies)

Article Syndication / Marketing is a powerful tool if you know how to use it. This book provides the exact strategy I used to make $14,000 from one syndicated article in 48 hrs. This article went on to reach over 1 Million people and continues to generate income for my business over 10 years after publication.
This guide provides you with everything you need to know about article syndication. I walk you through the simple steps I use to –
1 – Create an effective landing page
2 – Setup your email auto-responder list
3 – Write a syndication quality article (or get someone to write it for you)
4 – Generate a list of syndication partners
5 – Submit the article and track the results

It's a very simple system which I use day in, day out and it costs absolutely nothing to implement.
Learn my system and make money in as little as 24 hours from article marketing and article syndication.