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Quit Your Job in 6 Months: Book 3: Your First 10,000 Email Subscribers (How to Get Them, and How to Treat Them)

Ordinary Job, Ordinary Life
“Quit your job? But I thought having a job was a good thing!”

Jobs feel safe. We show up, do what we’re supposed to do, and a check for the same amount comes in every couple of weeks. We can feel safe, secure, and comfortable with that. We can budget for housing, transportation, and food. We might even get a few weeks of vacation each year and have enough left over to go somewhere nice. So what’s the problem?
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OPT-IN EMAIL MARKETING: Week #7 of the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan [Edition 3.0]

This book is going to cover opt-in email marketing. This is not about spam! Opt-in is all about communicating with people that want to be communicated with.
We have a lot to cover in this book including:
1) The merits of using your own email server vs. a specialist server and a specialist software provider.
2) Difference between newsletters and autoresponders and what works best.
3) Fancy html emails vs. plain text emails.
4) I will review a few software providers including Aweber and Mailchimp.
5) Squeeze pages and giving visitors an incentive to opt-in.
6) The difference between effective and aggressive opt-ins.
7) Opt-In funnels and how they work to essentially prime your list to be more ready to accept your products and services.
8) How often to send out emails and how much is too much.
9) How to deal with spam complaints if they happen.
10) Specific content ideas for your campaigns.
11) Finally we will cover how to make email marketing a whole new revenue stream, not just promoting your products and services but others as well.
This will also feature several case studies that you may have seen already in previous books, exploring some opportunities for them as well as some challenges.

The Complete Guide to E-mail Marketing: How to Create Successful, Spam-free Campaigns to Reach Your Target Audience and Increase Sales

Researchers estimate that e-mail marketing revenues have recently surpassed $1.8 billion dollars annually. Are you getting your share? According to Jupiter Research, 93 percent of U.S. Internet users consider e-mail their top online activity. E-mail is a fast, inexpensive, and highly effective way to target and address your audience.

Companies like Microsoft, Amazon.com, Yahoo, as well as most Fortune 1000 firms are using responsible e-mail marketing for one simple reason. It works! And it generates profits immediately and consistently!In this new groundbreaking book you will learn how to create top-notch e-mail marketing campaigns, how to build stronger customer relationships, generate new qualified leads and sales, learn insider secrets to build your e-mail list quickly, deal with spam filters, and the optimum days and times to send your e-mails.
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Aweber: Aweber Tutorial for Beginners – Email Marketing Made Easy

Are you looking for an email solution to your business campaign dilemma? Are you clueless on how to build an email list that will generate more clients to your business? Or are you having problems managing which email should be sent out to your new blog subscriber?

Aweber is the perfect email solution for your business and organization. With Aweber you can build and control all of your emails and email lists. It will organize your contacts into specific email groups, so you can be sure that you send the email to the right email list. Aweber allows people to subscribe or unsubscribe to your email list easily. It is the perfect tool for your email marketing needs.
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Email List Building Machine:: Build a Massive Email Marketing List…While Making a Proft at the Same Time. Free assets download included

Learn how to build a massive email list using affiliate marketing offers…and make a profit while doing so. You can build an email list for free or make a profit by simply following the step by step instructions. I've included a download link to the assets used in the book as well as some free bonuses.

The Email List Building eBook: A Beginner Email Marketing Strategy For Building Your Email List

Note; There is a FREE audio version and Bonus Chapter available to you when you download this ebook. Enjoy!

Learn how to Build Your Email List, Increase sales and grow your online business. If you are not already building your email list, then now is the time to start. Email Marketing outperforms all other forms of digital marketing roughly 30 times, and for good reason.
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Introduction to Online Marketing for Solopreneurs: Tips and Tricks on Social Media Marketing, Blogging and E-mail Marketing for Solo Business Owners


Read tons of articles about social media, blogging and e-mail newsletters but still have no clue how to prepare a marketing strategy? Promoting your business solo doesn’t have to be frustrating. This book will get you to run online marketing campaigns like a pro. We will give you an overview of tested online marketing tools and strategies.
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