OPT-IN EMAIL MARKETING: Week #7 of the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan [Edition 3.0]

This book is going to cover opt-in email marketing. This is not about spam! Opt-in is all about communicating with people that want to be communicated with.
We have a lot to cover in this book including:
1) The merits of using your own email server vs. a specialist server and a specialist software provider.
2) Difference between newsletters and autoresponders and what works best.
3) Fancy html emails vs. plain text emails.
4) I will review a few software providers including Aweber and Mailchimp.
5) Squeeze pages and giving visitors an incentive to opt-in.

6) The difference between effective and aggressive opt-ins.
7) Opt-In funnels and how they work to essentially prime your list to be more ready to accept your products and services.
8) How often to send out emails and how much is too much.
9) How to deal with spam complaints if they happen.
10) Specific content ideas for your campaigns.
11) Finally we will cover how to make email marketing a whole new revenue stream, not just promoting your products and services but others as well.
This will also feature several case studies that you may have seen already in previous books, exploring some opportunities for them as well as some challenges.