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PS: if you haven’t made any money online, don’t choose to hit your first $10,000 day in a few months. We are being REAL here and not messing around…you’ll see.

Anyway, getting the RIGHT GUIDANCE is not about reading high quality guides(which are very very few online) instead of crappy ebooks, they play a huge role, but you won’t get far. You’ll get stuck as soon as a problem that is not presented in the guide occurs and this happens all the time. To get past this, you’ll need someone experienced who will help and give you tips, direct advice and…not having to wait ages for their reponse. What about a private active community of succesful affiliates who will help you when you need it the most? YES!

Do you think that’s all you need? Just quality guides and being helped by succesful affiliates? NO! Very soon, when you’ll start launching your first campaigns THE RIGHT WAY you’ll realize that you need to deal with banners, landing pages, you’ll need all kind of scripts but you don’t know programming, you’ll get stuck again or you’ll lose hours searching for, testing and learning tools that eats more of your time and money. This means you’ll also need the right tools!

Note that this screenshot is only the top half of the page. Take a look at the magnified spots: the number of pages full of guides, case studies and resources that are easy to navigate and follow yourself. We told you we’re not messing around. Where else do you think you’ll find so much information in one place?

The Dojo has an amazing community of successful affiliates who can help YOU with advice and guidance anytime . The fact is that Dojo started as a private community on…

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