Affiliate Marketing Splash – a Tale of Two Hats

Affiliate Marketing Splash is a real book, full of solid advice, and no hype. A book about how to make a living dealing with the realities of Affiliate Marketing, it’s……

If you have come to this page as someone has recommended it then you know they have done so as they believe in what the book contains, not because they are out to screw you over and make a killing. It’s a sub ten bucks book, just like real books are outside of the Internet Marketing World.

You won’t find any OTO’s, up-sells, down-sells, sideways-sells or any of the usual stuff you have come to expect. You spend your $9.99 and you get a full length book explaining exactly how to build a sustainable Online business. You complete checkout and go direct to the download page, no messing about trying to get you to buy anything else, this is all that you need.

This is a book for anyone in the Affiliate Marketing game that makes a living (or wants to) via SEO of one form or another.

It is NOT about paid traffic Affiliate Marketing. It is about being a clever bugger and ranking in the search engines.

This book is about the realities of this game. It is not decrying black or grey hat techniques, nor is it obsessed with them either.

Inside I cover building sites for quick cash in a more crash and burn style, which is what the majority of Affiliate Marketers do even if they don’t realize it.

And then the focus switches to building kick ass sites that can rank for years and years to come. There is a huge difference between the two, both in terms of how they are built and the…