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If you have been in internet marketing for any amount of time you will know that a new CPA product is rehashed and re-released every other day. We decided to put an end to it! Instead of teaching just one small method like most products, we cover multiple methods, multiple types of CPA offer, and multiple traffic sources.

We teach methods for absolute beginners that require little more than an internet connection to work, methods for experienced internet marketers, and tips and tricks for people already in the CPA game.

Regardless of where you are in the internet marketing world, there is something for you in this product! It contains:

We start by introducing everyone to the absolute basics of CPA and the different types of CPA offers that you can make money with.

Getting accepted to CPA networks is an essential part of making money with CPA. But which networks should you sign up to, and what should you do to make sure that you get accepted? We provide examples of networks which don’t require an interview, and a step by step guide on how to maximise your chances of getting accepted to those that do.

There are plenty of ways to make money with CPA, but a lot of products only focus on one method. We decided it would be better to go into detail about as many different methods as possible so that you can choose which method suits you the best.

We provide multiple profitable niches and the types of CPA that best suit each niche. We also provide examples of niches that you should avoid at all costs.

Getting high quality traffic is essential to making money with CPA. We provide multiple underused traffic sources, and reveal new twists on the well known methods of generating traffic.

At some point in your CPA career you will want to start scaling up your profits. We teach you the best ways to do this, so that your profits don’t stagnate.

We do teach some methods that dont require webhosting or a domain name, but we HIGHLY recommend that you can afford at least a basic hosting account.

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