Custom Code Cash

Custom Code CashClick Image To Visit SiteAmong my authorship is a repertoire of countless articles on many subjects and, over the course of quite a few years, I have learned and am self-taught at web programming and development.

What I would like to share with you today is a method by which you can cash in, creating quite a lucrative business for yourself, by creating your own unique content and publishing it on your own custom coded website, even if you do not have the same credentials and have no experience!

That means, by authoring unique articles on often searched subjects you are opening the door for yourself to a world where a lot of money is being made.

You have probably noticed yourself that many times when you search a subject online, the article is surrounded by advertising and often contains links to the sales pages of products and services. Advertising revenue and product/service sales is one way to make money from unique content.

Another way to make money from unique content is to custom code a website that publishes the unique content and is optimized to earn revenue from advertising and product/service sales.

Such websites are in demand and you can make 100% or more profit from the sale of what are called "Adsense Optimized" or "Affiliate" websites.

A spam website is a website that usually deceives the visitor, designed to entice or trick the visitor into clicking on advertisements or affiliate links. Such websites are professionally unauthoritative for their content and were created primarily to make money and not to satisfy the visitor’s desire for knowledge or information.

Knowledge and information are the primary reasons most people search the web and you can find millions of spam websites.

As a matter of fact, internet products that create canned websites for you are nothing more than an offering for you to purchase spam websites and the primary purpose of the product is to have your purchase usually expensive hosting services.

And free website services simply just don’t cut it on the internet. They will never rank well with the search engines and, most often, you cannot sell the websites once you have created them.

What I am offering to you is a legitimate course in how to create VALUABLE websites that DO satisfy the visitor’s desire for knowledge or information and have the ability to rank with the search engines at the same time.

It is possible to make a lot of money creating ranking websites that earn money as well. There is some work involved, but if you would take my word for it, creating a ranking website is FUN!

What I have put together is a course that will give you all of the links to service websites that you will possibly need. Even to services that will create unique content (articles) for a couple of bucks if you feel too intimidated or don’t have the time to write the articles yourself (and I include in the course a method I use to compose keyword rich, search engine optimized articles in the easiest way and shortest amount of time), AND the course includes all of the basic website file pages where the hard part of the web code is already done for you (all you have to do is follow the instructions and fill in the blanks).

Once you become more familiar with HTML coding at the school I recommend (FREE!), you will be able to customize the template to create an endless combination of sites to your suiting.

Use the service websites and custom code website "template" files as often as you wish to create as many ranking and revenue hurling websites you want!

After you put together your first one and get the hang of it, you will be able to hammer out an Adsense Optimized and Affiliate Website in a matter an hour, or less. You can keep the websites yourself for the added monthly income or put the sites up for sale and make hundreds of dollars or more profit from one sale.

The equivalent would be earning approximately $100/hour for the hours you put into work and the profit you could make. And because you’re in control, you can work as much or as little as you want. You can create 10 websites a day or 1 website a week. As many as you want!

Just shoot me an email and I will get back to you as soon as feasibly possible. I check my emails several times a day. And did I forget to mention? The work is really satisfying and FUN! Read more…