Digital Products Done Right By Marketing Members, LLC and Daniel Sells

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Date: March 7, 2012 RE: “Your Money At Risk” From The E-Desk of: Daniel Sells

How about today? Have you checked on it yet? You might want to, and as a matter of fact, I’ll wait here while you do.

But make sure you come back because if you check your account and you’re lucky enough to see your money still there, tomorrow it won’t be – if you don’t take this letter seriously.

He doesn’t contact you about it and instead contacts his Credit Card company reporting your refusal to give him a full refund. True or not, as far as the credit card company is concerned, your buyer’s complaint is valid and they will start an investigation. And believe or not, based on that sole accusation alone, you’re in the wrong and that’s when it happens:

There’s A Hold On Your Bank Account And You Can’t Do Anything About it

You see, a one sided system takes your customer’s word for it and won’t even offer you a chance to offer your side of the story.

They’ll decide how much of your money to hold and for how long or, in some cases, whether to give it back at all.

Thousands Of Internet Marketers Find Themselves In This Exact Position Every Year

The sad part is – lopsided consumer protection laws render most internet marketers helpless in this situation. You’re completely sidelined.

Can you imagine being forced to watch as your business, once climbing the ladder to millionaire row, suddenly crash and burn?

Let me ask you this: Have you ever had a customer send you an email asking for his money back?

It only takes just one customer, one bad apple to flatten in a matter of minutes what’s taken you years to build – your business. It’s very real, in fact, I know this all too well.

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