Easy Webinar Plugin

They are THE number 1 SOLUTION for converting leads into sales, hands down! Why? Because Education/Content based marketing creates a huge impact for building a trust and bond with your prospects by switching the focus from you to them. You see, by providing them something they want you make their decision to become a client, or sale nearly brainless.

However there are just a few problems that we found with webinars. The biggest issue, is that webinars are generally live online events, and as such you find yourself having to trade time for money. From a business standpoint, you may not have time to do 10-20 webinars a week because at some point, you have to focus on your existing customers or clients. You see, from a business point of view, webinars are not Scalable. Unless of course, you have a skilled sales team doing the work for you.

Our system can give you as much, or as little interaction as you need to connect with your attendees. For example, we have a chat box feature that allows your attendees to ask questions in real time and you to respond in real time no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

We pride ourselves on being a one of a kind Webinar Software that has been specifically integrated to work with WordPress. If you know how to upload a WordPress Plugin, then you will love this software.

Other benefits of our software is that you can avoid problems such as technical issues, fear of speaking, messing up your presentation, or losing your focus.

With Easy Webinar Plugin you can create unlimited (100′s) of webinars all across the web and funnel serious traffic into sales with all of them. Plus, Easy Webinar Plugin integrates perfectly with…

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