Entrepreneur Tech School CB – Phillipa Kiripatea

Entrepreneur Tech School is the school for entrepreneurs who want to cut out the steep learning curve and learn how to make the tech stuff work.

Because ain’t nobody got time for mucking around with tech. We’ve got lives to transform! Money to make! Dream lives to live!

Why is it that when you need to do something online for your business, you just can’t figure out how to get the frikken thing to work?!

You’ve been slaving away at the computer for HOURS trying to get your landing page set up, your graphics created, your payment system to work, links to link to right places, autoresponders functioning, sales page set up, membership site set up, plugins, videos uploaded, this, that…

Just kidding. You’ve been slaving away for hours just trying to do ONE of those things, let alone all of them or even a few of them.

You’re at your tether and if you have to spend another minute searching through Google to find the answers you need and then try to decipher them because they seem to be geared to those who know what what the heck CSS is, you’re going to have a mental breakdown.

You don’t have time to sift through irrelevant tutorials and threads in Facebook groups trying to find the answer you need.

You don’t need complicated solutions for goodness sake, you just want something that WORKS and that does the job you need for it do.

Because you don’t have time for pussy-footing around trying to figure it out by yourself. You’ve got clients to serve for goodness sake! They’re waiting for their transformations!

And sure, you could probably help them without having the tech stuff set up, but you know that if you had this stuff working, it would help systemise your business which brings in more leverage and more time for you to do the work that you actually love.

Entrepreneur Tech School is for online entrepreneurs that sell products or services online and use their online presence to attract a targeted community and clients.

Learn how to set up your online tech so that you’re selling more stuff in your online business and spending less time figuring out the tech.

Learn how to keep your cool when it comes to the tech stuff for your online business and take the term “too cool for school” to a whole other level.

Entrepreneur Tech School will help you go from overwhelmed, screaming at your computer, pulling your hair out stress ball to easy going, zen master, namaste, my computer is my best friend and technology loves me entrepreneur.

Each week you will receive training on the most popular tech topics and trainings that are requested by YOU.

From how to set up a landing page in LeadPages, to creating PayPal buttons, turning off double optins, setting up an affiliate system and SO MUCH MORE!

Obviously, because technology is SO expansive, not everything will be covered, but there will be more than enough covered for the entrepreneur who wants to reach more people and sell more stuff.

And if there is a particular thing you want to learn how to do that isn’t already in the training area, you can request the training be done!

Aaaand if it’s something that myself or my team doesn’t know how to do (because we don’t know everything either), then we’ll find someone that does know and ask them to provide a training.

Entrepreneur Tech School is designed to provide entrepreneurs that are running online businesses with the tech training they need to get their offers out into the world and SOLD. Money in the bank.

My guess, that part of the reason you’re not getting your stuff out into the world and serving the clients you want to serve, is that you’ve been procrastinating on the tech stuff, or you’ve been trying to figure it all out and have come up short, frustrated and overwhelmed by the huge maze that is technology. Am I right? I totally get it.

I’ve spent hours upon hours figuring tech stuff out and making it cooperate. I’ve helped many private clients in my coaching programs overcome their tech challenges so they can get their programs and services out into the world and start changing lives.

So imagine this: What if you could learn how to use technology effectively in your online business? What if you could learn how to set up your marketing and sales funnels so that you are able to funnel prospects through and systematically convert them into paying clients? What if you could learn how to use technology so that you MAKE MONEY?

Entrepreneur Tech School is opening it’s doors now for entrepreneurs just like you who want to go from stressed out why does technology hate me I’m going to throw this computer through the window to in the zone, namaste, my computer is my best friend, easy going technology master. You’re going to get tech training on all the things an online entrepreneur needs to know to set up effective marketing and sales funnels on a weekly basis and if there is a particular thing you want to learn about online technology, all you have to do is request it.

Now if you were to hire someone to set up a simple marketing funnel for you, it would cost anywhere from $500 – a couple of thousand. If you were to Google, you’d be spending days if not weeks figuring it all out and even then, it’s such a pain trying to filter through all the results to find the exact thing you need.

Membership to Entrepreneur Tech School is just $50 a month. That’s less than an offshore VA – heck you can even buy the program for your VA if you don’t want to touch the tech stuff yourself!

To make this even more of a no-brainer, because this is our inaugural launch, everyone visiting this page (this is a secret squirrel…