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     Welcome to The Internet Billionaire. My name is Justin Ng. I am an internet enterpreneur, high performance business coach, internet marketer, & health enthusiast. I’ve been in the internet marketing industry for over 15 years and have made a good amount of money from it. But in recent years all my business took a turn for the worst; it got turn up side down by the depressing economy. I also partner up with completely the wrong type of people. In a very short period of time my savings and investment money were depleted; I was devasted by this. I literally went completely bankrupt after losing all my money in the various failed businesses that I started and participated in. The financial lost took me into a state of deep depression. The amount of money that I posted was so much that it forced me back into workforce and was stuck in the 9-5 rat race. But because I was emotionally unstable due to the big lost, I was not able to hold a single job for a very long time. I losted so much money that everyday, literally, I would wake up and the first thing I could think about was how to get alot of money fast. Unfornately for me, in the current economy, there is no way to make a huge amount of money fast, not even gambling. I’ve gone down the gambling path, it only got me into more debts. I almost committed suicide several time because I couldn’t find a solution to my problem. It was not until one day, when I was sitting in a jail cell for two long nights that it force me to pull myself together. It was because of those two nights in jail that turned my life around. I knew that I couldn’t be in that situation ever again. If it wasn’t because of that two night in jail, I wouldn’t be here today to tell you about how I took myself from the lowest point of my life and rised from all failures in my life to make a huge amount of money back in a short period of time from just working online. Today, I am going to share with you all my secret to becoming a sucessful online business entrepreneur. A secret that I’ve never told anyone else before. It is time for you to learn my secret and make it BIG on the internet.

     It was not until recently that I’ve decided to turn my life around. You see, before, I felt miserable each and everyday because I was not happy with the way my life was heading in the negative direction. My finance was in the negative, no love life, my family life is even worst because I found myself lieing about everything to keep them from worrying about me. It got so bad that I started depending on alcohol to get me through the day, which eventually lead me into gambling to fuel the alcohol addiction.  All these stuff compounded on my life and took me to the lowest point in my life. It wasn’t until that two nights in jail that led me to turn my life around. But it was because of those two nights in jail that I got the determination to change my life and grow. I needed to grow for my family sake, and most importantly for my own sake.  I decided to take action, and take control of my life. I changed everything about myself. And inside my member only dashboard you will learn how I took all the negative energy that was holding me down, and reverted into positive energy so that I can succeed in everything I do. The secret isn’t anything big, it just required you to understand your past, learn from it, acquire new knowledge, improvise and overcome the situation by taking the action require to attain the newfound wealth that you’ve been seeking for. 

    It was on the day that I decided to change myself for the better that things started to look up, the sun started to shine through all around me and within me. Positive things started coming my way, and my life improved each and everyday. From having better health,  to getting more money, earning the trust back from my family, to finding that one true supportive love; things were just falling into places.  By adapting the changes that I’ve outlined in my member’s only area, I was able to break through all the diversity and realized my dream. It was then and only then that I got the courage to get back into the internet world, utilized my passion, and make it BIG. And I am going to show you how to do it as well.

    The reason why I am sharing my secret to success is because I am seeking your help.  The reason why I need your help is because during the time when I hit rock bottom, I made a realization that I didn’t have anyone around me to be the supporting factor to get me back on my feet. I finally understood that if I wanted to be successful I need a large group of supporter who truly believe in my endeavor. And most importantly, I couldn’t be successful without a group of knowledgeable and trusthworthy partners to help me accomplish the tasks that I needed done each and everyday, and ultimately share with me the wealth and happiness that I’ve found for myself.

   In order for me to be successful, I have to enlist a few trusty joint venture partner to increase the productions of a very profitable money making system. Finding partners that are knowledgeeable and trustworthy is extremely hard.  But deep down inside; I knew that no matter how hard it was, I needed people by my side to help me get things done in the…