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The majority of internet marketers all agree that article marketing is one of the best strategies to generate quality website traffic.

This is why setting up your own article directory will create a huge income for you. Let me explain.

Once you establish your article directory, it won’t be long before you have a large amount of people submitting their articles. Since you don’t charge anything, word gets around fast and people want to list their articles so they can get free traffic to their websites from a link in their articles.

As traffic to your article directory grows, it will start being recognized by search engines as a quality website with unique quality visitors. Because of this, it will start showing up more and more on the front page of the search results for many crucial keywords, increasing quality traffic.

· Lots of Advertising Revenue. You make money off of all the advertising you place on your directory, including on the pages hosting the articles. As your article directly continues to rapidly expand, so does your advertising revenue.

· A Huge Mailing List. Since all of those leaving articles subscribe to your email list, you will have a large source for potential customers. You can offer products or affiliate items, or form joint ventures with other companies to market various products and make additional revenue.

· Promote Your Other Websites. Since you own the article directory, you can also promote any other websites you own, giving your articles preference over the other submissions to maximize quality traffic to market your products and services.

· Sell Your Article Directory. Once your article has become successful, you can even consider of even selling the entire directory for a lot of money.

YOU WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY if you follow our directions!


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