Home Income Formula

Have you ever felt like you are a complete foreigner, and not necessarily because you’re actually a foreigner, but more in the terms of “Look at where I am, and look at where others are?”

I mean, when you’re young, they tell you “You’ve got time to figure out what you want” and there you are, fresh out of college, or maybe you never even went to college, because you literally have no idea what the heck do you want out of your life.

And then you see all of those other kids, all successful and stuff, either getting their Master degree in something they’ve always wanted or getting their dream job with a simple *poof* and that’s it.

Or maybe you’re an older fellow. You still feel like an outcast, or maybe even like a social leper if you don’t have your life figured out by the time you’re a certain age, since people tend to look at you strange if you don’t fit into a certain type of box that society has dictated.

You see, I was born and raised in Russia, in case you were wondering where my exotic name came from.

You hear all about these stories of “making a better life for yourself” or my favorite phrase “The sky is your limit.’’ Yeah, yeah, what a bunch of hooey.

Let me tell you something, those phrases only work for people that follow that perfectly laid out plan, you know, the one that I mentioned I hated.

I just knew I had to provide food on my table and pay the bills somehow, so I started working on a construction site, since it really didn’t require any special talents or schools.

I had no time for myself, no time for my friends and no time eve start thinking of having some sort of family.

Did it discourage me and make me feel inadequate with exceptionally low self-esteem? Well, yes, of course.

I was working on construction sites, barely surviving from one day to another, but that honestly wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part was that I was going through life in a grey haze.

I was bummed out all the time, because I was deeply unsatisfied with how my life was turning out to be, and the greatest insult to injury was the fact that people were kind of putting a lot of pressure on me with phrases like “Come on, Kirill! Time is ticking! You need to get your life together!”

But it certainly made me feel like an ‘Englishman in New York’ or at least my version of the song “A Russian in America.’’

It was something I’ve never heard of before, but for some reason it echoed through my brain enough to get it interested in something other than being so darn depressed all the time. I showed interest in what he was telling me and asked him to further explain this mysterious “affiliate marketing” thingy.

The idea of making money without having anything of your own to sell and without having to do much sounded like something made up.

I thought he was just making stuff up and that this was some sort of scam he read online about and decided to prank me and get me hooked for some imaginary online thing.

I went home, went to bed early since I had a long day awaiting me tomorrow at the construction site.

My friend’s words kept me up all night. “Affiliates. Promoting products. Traffic. E-mails….”

And there they were – people’s success stories of making a fortune without having anything of their own to sell and without doing much work.

Families reunited because of all this free time they were having, people going on vacations to Bora-Bora in September just because they can… I mean, it all just seemed so unreal and real at the same time.

But it got me an immediate rush of blood to the head and so I called my friend, there around 3 AM. He was startled, obviously, but he calmly said he’d explain everything tomorrow, which he did.

I was so crazy about this whole idea that sometimes I would even skip a meal and spend money on something related to affiliate marketing, since I felt it fed me more.

Having spent thousands of dollars and a lot of time on all the research and teachings I could get my hands on, I decided that I want to add my very own little mark, stamp, signature or whatever you want to call it, since everything else out there, honestly, felt kind of incomplete. It was like there was something missing and I needed to add it.

I started combining a lot of different techniques and tricks, determined to come up with something on my own.

I realized that certain products and niches are simply guaranteed to work, since they have a clear pattern of success.

I decided to focus my attention here and began setting up all sorts of campaigns and devising tactics for getting people to join my email list and purchase the products I was promoting.

And suddenly, I realize that I had successfully made a pretty decent formula, that was completely unique and different than anything else out there.

So I called up my buddy, the one responsible for all of this craziness I drove myself into, and suggested we set this thing up together.

We set our pages up, did everything I cooked up in that crazy head of mine and literally sat down to wait for it, promising not to take a look at what was happening for a few days.

I looked at him point blank and said, as if we were the protagonists of a movie – “Are you ready?”

In the past few days, I’ve made more money than I ever had by working on the construction site…