IMeye – Revolutionary Keyword Research

IMeye includes 3,175,268 pre-analyzed, high value keywords and opportunities that will help boost your exposure, traffic, conversions and revenue, no matter what type of online business you have!

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IMeye has many features and hundreds of ways to combine these features depending on what you are trying to achieve. We have listed the three main ones below. However, we highly encourage you to look at our case studies as they will give you a very clear indication how IMeye can benefit you!

Find high volume, lost cost PPC keywords or longer tail low-comp keywords which you can quickly rank for on Google.There are numerous ways to use our data!

Access vast sources of untapped traffic and identify opportunities that you can use to dominate a new market or boost the revenue of an existing online business!

Pin point available domains that are already ranked and receiving traffic which you can then swipe for pennies on the dollar for instant, highly targeted visitors!

Find a new market, analyze traffic and competitors, then find commercially viable PPC keywords with high volume.

Increase traffic to an affiliate review website by creating ‘feeder sites’ that’ll rank in Google for longer tail keywords.

Identify a niche market to create a Clickbank product in & find opportunities your affiliates can use to make you sales.

Uncover keywords with large volume, low competition, in high paying Adsense niches and rank for them in Google.

Discover three high value keywords that you can rank for in Google to create more leads, conversions and revenue.

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