Complete Legal Guide for Websites comes complete with all the forms you will need to instantly set up your website smartly and legally:

The Complete Legal Guide for Websites contains easy-to-understand explanations plus specific information on “income claims” “results claims” “healthcare claims”.

Internet Law Compliance is the “One-Stop-Shop Internet Legal Guide” web-marketers, bloggers, social networkers and web-designers need to understand and comply with the regulations and requirements for lawfully doing business on the internet.

Internet Law Compliance unabashedly claims its place as “best on the web” because Internet Law Compliance is not just about internet website laws but shows you how to comply AND at the same time increase sales – if we say so ourselves!

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The Internet Law Compliance Guide, guide to internet law, can prove that it can increase sales while keeping you legal. Just read the book to find out how!

Here’s why: I am not just a lawyer who decided to write a book about the legal issues on the internet and make some money. I spent nearly four years on the road with a guy named Shawn Casey, another lawyer, teaching students about asset protection. Thousands of people. And all the while Shawn Casey was developing, on the side, his internet skills, his marketing skills. He dragged me to countless seminars that HE put on along with the best and the brightest on the new web geniuses.

Put it this way. I was trained in internet marketing techniques long before I wrote Internet Law Compliance.

Shawn Casey, of course, went onto become a legend and one of the true marketing web geniuses. He stays in the background, but there isn’t a giant who hasn’t heard of him. I wrote Internet Law Compliance for Shawn Casey to use personally on his websites. When we looked at it, we said, this is so good we should share it. And that’s how it was born.

Shawn Casey still uses this material. During this time I met many of leading lights in the business. I counseled them on their business structures. I became a part of their “defense team” when trouble struck. And it struck ALWAYS when they didn’t pay attention to things I will tell you again and again. So, when I speak, I speak as someone who has walked the walk, not just talked the talk. Admittedly I have never striven for the level of success many of these giants have. But I have always been there for them as a voice of reason. They trust me. So should you.

"I’ve had personal experience with the government agencies with regards to Internet compliance, and let me tell you, it’s an absolute nightmare!

"What’s really shocking is how easy it is to step outside of the boundaries of the law. You can be in violation without even knowing it! I was, and if I had this kit FIRST then the whole thing could’ve been prevented. I would have saved about $350,000.00! (Not to mention experiencing amazing levels of stress.)

"Your product helps people quickly know what you can… And canNOT do online. And all it takes is a few simple changes to be compliant. Your compliance kit shows people how to do this. In my opinion, anyone who does business online without this is information completely insane."

Look, you’re an adult. You’re embarking on a new adventure (or cleaning up an existing one) with the hopes of making money. You know by now, I hope, that while the Internet has tremendous freedom, it is regulated and, every now and then, someone is made an example of by regulating agencies.

I don’t want to scare you by the horror stories that I’ve personally and professionally witnessed where I had to helplessly standby as very successful internet entrepreneurs got crushed by regulatory agencies because they made very simple mistakes. If you make up your mind that you’re not going to buy my book, then for goodness-sakes buy someone’s. Or, better, go see a live lawyer who knows about Internet law, the FTC, the FDA, and marketing.

What most folks don’t understand is that regulatory agencies win even if they lose in the end. Think about it. The way they work these days is to, suddenly, without warning, freeze your assets – all of them – with a restraining order. Afterwards, they serve you with the complaint containing the allegations of wrongdoing. Suddenly, no access to bank accounts. No ability to sell assets to raise money. No money for your mortgage, car payment or food. Got the picture? So what happens next? Well, you’ve got to get a lawyer. A really good lawyer, right? I mean jail time and huge fines are involved. $250,000 worth of lawyer’s retainer. How much money do you have? None. So you have the unenviable task of finding the best lawyer you can with no money and telling him your sad story while at the same time you’re trying to retain him to defend you. Like it so far?

We haven’t even started. You can imagine, with no money, that your life starts to crumble rather quickly. Three months and your car is gone. You’ve borrowed from friends and family just to eat. Six months and your house is gone. When the “deal” is finally offered by the government, you grab it. The regulatory agency keeps all your money except…