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One year after I created my first info product I fired my boss. I walked out of my 8-5 job and kissed the rat race good bye. It was the best decision I ever made! Please note that my results are not typical consumer results and your results may vary.

Hi, Mike here–and welcome! I’ve created and successfully marketed over 80 info products in many niches. I have helped literally thousands of good people (yeah, really, that many) get their start in this business. I am very, very good at what I do! My informational products have included…

A Word Of Caution I have been in the information publishing business for 15 years. I have built my business by earning the trust and respect of my clients and customers. I’ll begin that process with you right now, right here. My program IS NOT some kind of "get rich quick overnight kind of thing". I don’t represent it as such and I won’t hype it to you in such a way. My program is designed for serious people of substance who want to build a substantial, evergreen business through creating a digital info product to sell successfully online. If that sounds like you–you’re in exactly the right place and I look forward to helping you achieve your dreams!

But I Go Well Beyond That… Yes, my main focus is on helping you create and successfully market an info product of your own, in any niche. But I go on to show you how to leverage that product into much, much more profitable activities (such as membership sites and coaching programs) using even more advanced techniques.

You Must Understand The Basis Of My Business First I have built my own business firmly rooted in one fundamental concept: to treat the people I work with, with dignity and respect and to be honest with them about what I offer. This model has served me very well. I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT WHAT I AM OFFERING YOU HERE TODAY IS NOT ONE OF THOSE "PUSH A BUTTON AND MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS" KIND OF THINGS! Those things are all scams; they never work. But what I offer you does work. It provides you with an opportunity to build a substantial, genuine, evergreen online business you can be proud of–but it does require some work on your part. If you’re looking for a get rich scheme with no work this is not for you! I work with serious people of substance who are willing to learn from me and implement the techniques I teach.

While the above uncertainties and frustrations can kill your business, THEY ARE NOT THE REAL PROBLEM! They are only symptoms of the actual underlying problem.

I’ll Get To The Actual Underlying Problem In A Minute, But First… Until you understand the real problem, you will be stuck in what I call "survival mode". That’s not where you want to be!

You Can’t Afford To Get Stuck In "Survival Mode". Most people who start out thinking they will create an info product and make millions don’t actually start out in survival mode. They begin with a giddy feeling of enthusiasm, feeling sure they will become the next Internet marketing millionaire. But that feeling soon fades!

Before Long The Uncertainties Set In! For most people who set out to create an info product and sell it online that giddy feeling gives way to uncertainty. They don’t have a plan. They are overcome by information overload. Frustration sets in. Mental numbness, anxiety, and paralysis by analysis takes over. Eventually, they feel lost and give up on their project entirely. That’s exactly what it’s like to be trapped in survival mode!

That Is Not At All The Path I Envision For You! Let’s play ball in the big world, okay? I think you’re a person of substance. I also think you are aware of the fact that there are tons of people out there making six and seven figures a year doing exactly what I describe here–creating and marketing info products online. Let’s explore that possibility further.

Don’t Be "That Guy"! Dreams are a good thing, but until you hitch your dreams to a proven plan and take action, your dreams will never be realized! Don’t be that guy, the guy who dreams on and on but never takes action! The plan I provide you with is solid. The action you are required to take is not massive–and equally important, it’s not overly difficult.

Get Out Of The Wrong Lane And Into The Fast Lane… I see people every day, people who are working hard, furiously trying to complete their info product and make some sales. They remind me of a car driving down the road at 100 mph, but they will never reach their destination because they’re driving in the wrong lane–going in the wrong direction!

This Pretty Much Sums It Up… A good friend, Eric Louviere, once said when talking about creating products, "Stop chasing the pie in the sky and start selling those pies." I like that. And that’s exactly what you need to do. You need to have a blueprint for action, follow that blueprint and start selling pies!

Aside from generating sales and cash for you, creating and launching an info product of your own is the very fastest free way to grow a subscriber list. You can then market to that list for an evergreen profit center. (I show you exactly how.) And your subscriber list will become your most important cash-crunching asset. But there’s more too…

I Want You To Visualize The Very Best Possible Version Of Your Life… A lot of people dream of more money, a lot more money. And while that would be good, it’s generally not enough to get people to where they really want to be.

Begin Living Your Dream, Begin Living The Very Best Possible Version Of Your Life You Can…

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