Instant CD Templates – Printable Kunaki-compatible CD DVD Templates

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Send Our CD or DVD Templates & Their Contents We Give You To a CD-fulfillment Company Using Our Templates & Start Selling Digital Product CDs & DVDs on Ebay or from your blog or website to Your Customers Worldwide..

Sell them as Digital Downloads using Real Time Digital Delivery just like your regular ebooks

Use our high-quality templates to create physical book covers and sell your book through CreateSpace, Lulu.Com, Etc.

Use our high-quality templates to create Kindle book covers and sell your book or books through Amazon Kindle.

Use our high-quality editable templates to create your own ebook or ebook covers for your own product/s to sell to your customers

Use our high-quality editable templates to render ebook, website and graphic design services for your clients

You’ve bought tons of digital products – i.e. videos, ebooks, softwares, etc. hoping to make boatloads of cash with them.

But when you joined the fracas called internet marketing…

Heck, you cannot even sell them at dime sale sites unless you are willing to exchange them for a few pennies.

So you ask yourself, what went wrong? Relax, in most cases there’s nothing wrong with the products you bought.

We knew there had to be a real way to turn your Resale and Private Label Rights Products into Really Hot-Selling Products that you can really sell more easily and Anywhere with…

You do not only need a product to sell; because a product however good is not enough. Six months of poring over countless number of sites told me, among other things, that…

You need to turn your digital products into familiar everyday "physical" items that give your products instant recognition, marketability and desirability

You need to make them visually appealing not just on the webpage but also in the actual

You need to put them into portable and transportable media so they could be accepted on brick and mortar venues such as CD stores, bookstores, swap meets, catalog houses, etc.

You need to make them physically-attractive and professionally and stylishly packaged to make people and even giant retail shops to eagerly sell them for you and make you more money

You need to find a way to get them accepted easily on "Mass Markets" like Ebay, Amazon and other online marketplaces where Armies of Humanity (650,000,000 strong) Buy With "Absolute Confidence"

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Templates for The Public Domain Mastermind Collection

These templates are created for these highly saleable Public Domain mastermind & metaphysical info products. They are the success behind one of my membership sites. We sell them consistently as downloadable digital ebook versions even with not so great looking e-covers. Now, here’s your chance to attract more buyers by reintroducing them as valuable, brand new CD & DVD Products with highly attractive & stylish physical covers.

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When you join as member you automatically get unlimited 24/7 access to Instant CD Templates’ products and bonuses. Instant CD Templates are quick and easy to use even a 12-year old school kid can create professional-looking CD covers in minutes. In fact if you can copy and paste, you can make a CD Product.

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