Jake Campbell’s Total Business Builder – Jake Campbell’s Total Business Builder

My names Jacob Campbell. I’m 18 years old. Over the past years I have learned how to make a lot of money from my laptop and online resources. How much is a lot of money? Below will be some proof screen shots of some of my accounts.

Remember this is real, effortless income all from 100% free resources. I decided to make a membership video site on how to make real money online for beginner’s or just anybody struggling to make an income online. I will be always updating this site with new money making methods and tips. So basically as I learn, you will to. This training is totally newbie friendly as I explain in great detail. When I say training, I mean real video’s and tutorials. Not boring ebooks. You get an over the shoulder look on to my screen so you can really take in the information I am sharing with you.

As you see I make a good amount of money using Amazon and selling physical products. I sell these products with 100% free methods I will be showing you in the members only training.

Now for a Paypal screenshot. This is 100% free money I made with 100% free resources. I leave out no detail in my training so you can have a full Paypal account as well.

Now Lets take a look at some of my Clickbank screenshots from a few accounts. With this account I actually built my own product to satisfy the needs of my subscribers. This sounds like it would be hard work and require a lot of learning but it doesn’t! No extra technical skill required! I go through the exact steps I took and so you how easy it was!

This is an early screenshot…