K Optimizer – Track, Manage & Optimize Your Kindle Books In One Place! — K Optimizer – Track, Manage & Optimize Your Kindle Books In One Place!

There’s nothing more tedious than having more than 1 Kindle book and wasting your valuable time managing them all.

In combination, we have more than 500 books published on the Amazon Kindle platform and boy, if there’s something that we loathe it is the management part of our Kindle publishing business!

Now, you can imagine that the bigger your Kindle book portfolio is, the more difficult it gets to spend your time efficiently managing your books and seeing how well everything is doing.

Until today, the only way to check if someone left a negative review of your book or your books suddenly drop in rankings on the Amazon website was to manually visit each page of your listed Kindle titles.

My brother and I set ourselves to create a software that would allow us to effectively and conveniently manage our Kindle books in one place.

For months we’ve been secretly using (and abusing) this incredible software for our Kindle business, but we felt that other Kindle publishers who have more than 1 book could also benefit from it!

It’s so easy to loose track of your books once you’ve gotten into the grove of publishing.  K Optimizer gives me the edge over other publishers by making it so easy to keep tabs on the health of my library.  I’m now able to act fast the second any of my books starts losing momentum, as opposed to waiting for sales to drop.

K Optimizer is a powerful web-based software that with some out-of-the-box features are going to make your life SO much easier! It’s ideal for those Kindle publishers that have more than 1 Kindle book and they do not wish to waste time in managing their Kindle business directly from Amazon’s website.

Once you save hours upon of hours by suppressing the tedious job of managing your books by browsing the KDP dashboard and Amazon’s website (the old-fashioned way) you will start making more money.

Well, because you will have more time to focus on planning and developing other strategies for your Kindle publishing business!

Besides, your mind will be more free to concentrate on profitable strategies and on the vital optimization, instead of worrying about nimble and distracting things that do not put money into your pocket.

This is the exact software that my brother and I use on a daily basis… and to be honest with you, without it we couldn’t be where we are right now!

In fact, there’s NOTHING like this (go try and conduct a Google search… you’ll see that I am not lying).

Now, I know that you are eagerly curious to get started as soon as possible with K Optimizer, but perhaps you feel that a money-back guarantee will make things easier for you.

Just get access to the software (you will need to create a username and a password) and play around with it.

If during 60 days (two full months) you are not satisfied then just shoot me an email and I will refund your money.

I want you to be absolutely thrilled with K Optimizer and if this is not the case I just don’t want your money!

This is without a doubt a necessary tool for your kindle business. Koptimizer is incredibly convenient – a place to store all your books so you do not need to go looking around. It makes scaling your business manageable, easy and fun!

If you are looking to keep track of how your Amazon books are doing, this is an excellent tool!  There’s no way you could keep track of all these statisticas manually with the accuracy and speed of Koptimizer. I highly recommend it!

This software saves me an enormous amount of time. I can have an overview of all my books in one place. It’s really easy to use and intuitive. I highly recommend it!

I love the Koptimizer system.  I use it everyday to track the progress of my books.  It has helped me be a lot more productive and efficient with my time because all of my books can easily be monitored in one place.  I especially like being able to see all of rankings and reviews on my books so quickly. If you are trying to run a Kindle business or upscale, I highly recommend it as another step toward efficiency and automation.

I’ve been subscribed to this program since its earliest stages and it has brought so much value to my business. I get to track everything from review count, keyword ranking, and so much more for all of my published books. Extremely convenient! Subscribing to KOptimizer was a NO-BRAINER! Thank you Stefan and Andreas for building such an incredible tool for Kindle publishers!

Just think about all of the time that you’ll be able to save when you unleash the power of K Optimizer (and all of the money that you will be able to make since you will be able to detect exactly what’s wrong with some books and fix it ASAP).

You no longer have to roll your eyes every time that you need to manage your books since at a glance you will have all the data you need.

Koptimizer simplifies the way you run your kindle business! It has been an absolute life saver for me on several occasions. Being able to see my many books in a simplified manner and allowing me to set up alerts to keep up to date easily and efficiently has been amazing. I will never miss the opportunity to see my books get into the top rankings of a free promotion or take care of bad reviews quickly. Happy to have a tool like this at my disposal and thankful to the Kindle Brothers for creating a wonderful product to assist publishers yet again.

I’ve been using KOptimzer for a number of weeks now and can say…