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Not Attracting the Girl (or Guy) you desire because they don’t want to be seen hanging with someone as short as you?

Getting Overlooked for Job Opportunities because employers are reluctant to employ someone of your stature?

Not Being Respected by those around you because they ignore what you say, or worse, they make fun of your height?

Being Questioned about your Age, (which is totally embarrassing) when trying to get into a Club or buy a Drink?

My name is Tom, and I came from a family that is considered of below average height. My mother is 4’10, and my father is only 5’3. So, it’s only natural that I would also be short.

Being short in elementary school was a good experience. Teachers pampered me more than anyone else. Whatever happened, the bigger kids took all the blame. Being cure and tiny sure has its advantages when you are a small kid.

Within a period of 2 years, I had sent maybe 25 or 30 resumes to different companies, and it was always the same story. After receiving my CV, employers were really interested in me (I had some pretty good qualifications).

Unfortunately, that interest faded away right after they saw me in person. I dressed more than appropriately and I properly answering all the questions.All the jobs were in a field where height was irrelevant.

In one particular incident, my potential employer told me the post was taken the moment he saw me. The truth is, the post was not taken. He was simply surprised that I stand 5’3 tall, and he didn’t want to employ me despite him advertising the same post in newspapers for weeks afterwards.

Fortunately, one day I managed to land a job, but it had only one problem. The salary was not that good.

Nonetheless, I took it, and I worked hard for 3 years until I found out my workmates, who had far less qualifications and experience than I had, were getting paid a few thousands more. After I found out about that, I quit.

However, one day I stumbled upon information about some individuals who claimed they managed to grown taller by sleeping with "Ankle Weights." The procedure was simple: sleep with ankle weights, and you will eventually grow taller. I tried it for a few weeks, and it was extremely uncomfortable because I couldn’t comfortably sleep. But I grew half an inch!

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