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Not everyone starts out as a hero – but those who’ve become heroes have channeled what’s best in them to move ahead, to do their best, to inspire others, and to make a difference in the world.

Each of us shares traits with many of the people we look up to as heroes. We may have Lincoln’s forthrightness, Washington’s generosity of spirit, Franklin D Roosevelt’s resolve, Helen Keller’s determination and humanity. Each of us have something heroic within us. We don’t always know where it might lie, or what exactly it might be.

We all have them – we are either competitive or spontaneous, methodical or humanistic (and most likely a combination of all of them). Heroes throughout history have acted according to their individual personality traits.

You may also find some of your traits in the heroes you admire. Perhaps you admire heroes without fully knowing what their personality traits are. But you can learn how you align with them, and what that means for you.

When talking about the heroes you admire, remember that some personality types are more prevalent than others. Using statistics we’ve drawn from various sources, we’ve been able to determine what are the dominant personality types among heroic individuals. Now you can take our free test and find out for yourself what historic heroes you’re most like.

Both physicist Albert Einstein and actress Merely Streep, who have strong competitive personality traits, make up only about 9% of the "heroic" population. These types tend to be highly driven and full of grand plans and ideas for their lives.

Those of a spontaneous nature, such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Lucille Ball, make up approximately 31% of heroes. These types tend to be wildly creative, often the life of the party and naturally talented at multi tasking.