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I know from experience. I was there too. I bought almost every ebook about internet marketing. I learned a lot from them. On the other side, some of them were worthless and I didn’t make a cent. All I learned from these books was that I will never ever again buy an ebook until I’m 100% sure that the techniques they teach work.

I tried a lot of different money making methods online. They just didn’t work for me. Whatever I did, at the end I didn’t earn any money. Then one day I bought an ebook about membership sites. The book was well written and like many times before I decided to try it. I registered a domain name and put together a simple membership site. It took me no more than two days to get it online. I promoted the site a little bit using techniques I found in the book and then became disappointed as many times before.

Nothing happened for the next few days, so I forgot about my membership site and started working…