Mini Course Formula

Frankly, I find it hard to believe, but I’ve just made money from affiliate commission without even trying to pitch a product.

Maybe you’ve heard of what a mini-course is, maybe you don’t. The fact is, many marketers aren’t even aware of this simple and yet highly profitable method to make money from your prospects.

A set of emails with content, between 5-7 emails that are “chained” together to teach a specific topic.

Because they’re “going through” your mini-course, you’re not even pitching them to buy products – you’re simply helping them with recommendations.

This method of making money online is so super cool and easy to do because all you’re doing is giving away a FREE mini-course!

In short, it’s the my complete blueprint, of A to Z on how to use mini-course to make money online under stealth mode.

The long version – The Mini-Course Formula is a blueprint that is systematically broken down into 4 components so that you can have an automated system to make money from the internet using emails. The components are:

If you notice, in essence, all it takes is SENDING EMAILS to make money online with this system. And by the way – I’ll teach you how to automate the emails so that you’re using a software to send them out sequentially. This way, you’re literally hands-free.

So technically, the more people who are signing up for your free mini-course, the more money you’ll be making. The beauty of this system is, you’re simply giving your mini-course for free.

Let’s get into the specific details you’ll be discovering inside The Mini-Course Formula…

And that’s what The Mini-Course Formula does for you – it shows you exactly how to build a list of hungry buyers that eagerly buy from you again and again. And it shows you how to keep the revenue flowing month after month, year after year – ON AUTOMATION.

It’s not just a money-maker. This isn’t some “scheme” that puts money in your pocket today and leaves you scrambling next month to pay the bills. This is a complete business blueprint. And it may just be the start of a new career for you.

By this point you’ve realized that this is the right course for you to start this year. This is the blueprint you’ve been looking for. This is the plan that’s finally going to pull it all together for you so that you can start making good money.

Many lists make about $1 per subscriber per month. So if you build a list of 1,000, if those numbers held true for you, you could expect to make $1,000 every month. If you build a list of 7500, and those numbers were consistent, you can expect to make about $7,500 every month. If you build a list of 15,000, and those numbers remained consistent you can expect to make about $15,000 every month.

Go ahead and plug in your own numbers. How big of a list are you going to build? And how much money will this list drop into your pocket every month like clockwork?

Why not, you start conservative with just 1,000 subscribers? That’s a nice $1,000 per month for you.

You bet it is. You could even recoup your payment in the first month. And every dollar you make after that is pure profit. That’s why $47 is an almost insane price for this course.

This isn’t a flimsy eBook. This is four modules of about 40 pages each with NOTHING BUT CONTENT (no fluff, no filler) in complete step-by-step format.

I’m so confident that you are going to LOVE this course, that I’ll make this deal with you. If you aren’t completely satisfied, just email me back and I’ll refund every penny … plus you can keep the course for free…

When you purchase The Mini-Course Formula today, I will give you a full sixty (60) days to read it through, test out the tips and strategies, and see if you feel I have delivered on my promises. If, for any reason whatsoever (you can tell me your dog ate it), you want your money back at any time, you can just send me an email to refund your money. There will be no questions asked and no hard feelings.

If you are looking for a good way to start making money online that really works, then you’re going to like Mini-Course Formula even more because you’re going to get these 4 additional bonuses for free today…

This 2014 training course will you teach you how to get traffic instantly from Facebook advertising. So once your mini-course is ready, you can start using Facebook to drive traffic to make money online!

It’s a step-by-step course that will show you exactly what you need to do to start making Facebook Ads work for you. Although we’ve covered traffic methods in Module #4 of Mini-Course Formula, this bonus is different and valuable – it’ll be focused on just the topic of Facebook ads and it’s a video training so that you can follow it easily. On top of that, the course will guide you not only to advertise correctly, but to get traffic as the lowest cost possible!

To give away your mini-course, you’ll need to design a professional opt-in page. This webpage will be used to build your mailing list. However, if you’re a newbie, you may not know how to create and design an opt-in page. But the good news is, with this bonus, you’ll have 10 + different opt-in page templates that you can use!

After you’ve started making money with…