My eBay Script – eBay Affiliate Store Generator – eBay Store Builder

Pick a niche market to promote eBay products to and create a customized website to drive that traffic to eBay. Use your php web design skills to create a stunning eBay store front. Take a look at some of our featured eBay stores that use the My eBay Script code.

When wanting to create your eBay empire. You need software that won’t charge you per domain. With your purchase of My eBay Script you have the license to create as many custom eBay Store Fronts as you can.

You know you need to do more than just throw up 100 eBay websites. Use the Facebook social media to target people to buy from your new eBay Store Front.

With MeS, every results page contains and RSS feed of the items listed for that search. Copy and Paste that RSS link and promote it to the hundreds of RSS aggregators on the net.

We listen to our customers, that’s how we are able to make My eBay Script better. Without you this product would die out, and to say thank you we will be continually supporting and upgrading this product for all licensed users!

MeS is designed for those who have signed up as an affiliate of the ePN (eBay Partner Network) program. MeS provides those affiliates a way to create unique eBay store fronts that provide both content and products. As eBay auctions expire and new ones are created. MeS will dynamically change to provide fresh and up to date products on your eBay Store. MeS is a set of PHP scripts that allows you the web developer to design your online eBay store anyway you see fit.

I used to build my sites using BANS and now switched to MeS. My comparison of the two products leads me to feel that I have more control using MeS. I am a PHP web developer and with MeS I can create some kick ass eBay stores. I have noticed more traffic to my stores since switching. I hope you keep up with the changes at eBay and continue to provide this awesome portal to eBay products.

MeS is a blessing in disguise. Using your software was a bit of a learning curve from using BANS but once I got it it rocks. Keep up the great work.

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES: My eBay Script is in no way affiliated with eBay™. MeS is an eBay Storefront Website Builder designed to allow you to receive commissions on eBay products sold from your own website. Even though ‘My eBay Script’ is designed to allow you to make money. Not everyone who creates websites with this script will be successful.

eBay Partner Affiliate Program Notice This script requires you to have a valid eBay Partner Affiliate ID in order for you to receive commission for sells from your site. eBay now requires that you have a working site when applying for an Affiliate ID. If you already have an eBay Partner Affiliate ID, you are good to go. If not, you may want to build an informative website before purchasing My eBay Script.