Nicole Dean: Blog World Tour Guide

Subject: Rock Star Marketing for Infoproduct Sellers & Authors In the summer of 2009, I made like a rock star and went on a world tour.

Not a concert tour, mind you. But a BLOG world tour. In a span of 15 weeks, I visited one blog each week as a guest expert. I thought it was a good idea when it popped into my mind. But after the dust settled and I caught my breath, the results were even better than I expected:

That’s when it dawned on me that what I just did was an easy, fun and effective way for rising Internet marketers to turbo-charge their success and become rock stars in their own niches. And so I decided to share my Blog World Tour strategy with you.

I know from experience that the so-called Internet marketing lifestyle is truly fun, fulfilling and profitable. I’ve been living it since 2004. Which is why I also know that it takes time and a lot of hard work to get to that point where you can work just a couple of hours a day and still make more money than you’ve ever made. You’re probably not quite there yet yourself…

… you’re seeing some results in your online business – but it’s not quite enough for you to say you’ve arrived

… you feel like you’re watching the star players from the side lines – wondering when you’ll be good enough to be on the A team

… you know "it" will happen for you, too, someday – and you wish it would be sooner rather than later

You don’t have to be a well-known authority, expert or guru in your niche. You don’t have to have a huge list. You don’t have to have a site with a gazillion unique visitors a day. You do have to be willing to put in some work for a limited period of time to achieve rock star status in your niche.

(Gasp! Did I just say "work"? Yes, these aren’t magic beans, silly. You still have to actually DO something to get results. But you can do it – I’ll show you how!)

Do you watch American Idol? See how they take a group of talented but yet undiscovered performers and tour them around the country?

All this happens because the tour itself builds excitement about the performers. Plus, it brings them right where their potential fans are. That’s why American Idol inspired me to do a Blog World Tour. In the same way that a concert tour boosts a performer’s popularity and earnings, a Blog World Tour can take you from "undiscovered" to "celebrity". A Blog World Tour is a special event – it creates buzz around you, your blog and the blogs you visit. And it puts you in front of readers you wouldn’t normally reach. Here’s the best part: In a concert tour, everybody wins. The towns or cities where the tour stops are thrilled to have new celebrities in their backyard. And all that added publicity and people traffic means more business for them as well. It’s the same thing with a Blog World Tour. The blogs in your tour will also get more traffic, more subscribers and more sales. See how cool this idea is?

Oh, and I almost forgot: After a Blog World Tour, you’ll have enough content to churn out special reports, eBooks, audio courses, marketing and educational videos, coaching materials, membership site content, and home study courses… You’re all set to build an infoproduct empire! If this idea excites you, then I’m here for you. I’ve put together The Blog World Tour Planner so you can easily organize your own. This will work for you, whatever niche you’re in, as long as there’s a healthy community of bloggers in your niche (hmmm… is there a niche that doesn’t?). In the time it takes you to read The Blog World Tour Planner, you’ll discover:

The Blog World Tour Planner is a step-by-step guide. I haven’t left any details out, because I want you to have your own successful Blog World Tour. Click here to order the Blog World Tour Planner

Yes, I’m a huge proponent of Article Marketing. In fact, I co-created a course about Article Marketing back in 2005. You should certainly use and other article marketing directories, but, my method will get your message directly in front of your target audience, in essense, cutting out the middle man.

Article directories are not dead. However, you shouldn’t submit your articles and just hope that a publisher finds them, especially when you can go directly to the publishers yourself. Isn’t this just guest blogging? It’s similar to guest blogging, but it’s more like guest blogging on steroids!

The intensity and laser-like focus of this strategy set a Blog World Tour apart from mere guest blogging. Even though you may have been a guest blogger in the past, this guide will give you insight into how to make that more effective (and how to avoid costly mistakes) as well.

But I can’t (or don’t want to) write! The truth is, a Blog World Tour is much easier to do if you enjoy writing. I won’t lie to you. However, in case you don’t want to or don’t have the time to write every single blog post, then I address that issue in the planner as well. See page 28. Is this right for me? If you have at least one infoproduct and an affiliate program – even a bare-bones one – then a Blog World Tour will bring you spectacular results. But if you’re completely satisfied with the amount of passive income you’re making, then you probably don’t need this (so why are you still reading this huh?). But what if other bloggers see me as a competitor? You’ll turn them into partners. Believe me, they’ll be happily promoting your products in their blogs. I show you how to approach bloggers and offer a win-win…