Opt-In Overflow

If you are anything like I was until fairly recently, you’ve probably tried and failed in your efforts to make money online.

Chances are you’ve tried doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things, trying to crack the code of having a successful internet business. I mean, sure, you may have had a little success in some of the things you’ve tried, making the occasional dollar here or there (and that’s if you’re one of the ‘lucky’ ones out there), but I bet it was hard work, wasn’t it? Harder than you’ve been led to believe by all those so-called ‘guru’s selling you the next bit of push-button garbage software that promises riches overnight.

The simple fact is, magic bullets simply do not exist (or rather simply do not work), and after trying a whole bunch of them I came to realise that the kind of lucrative online business (and lifestyle, for that matter), which I had imagined so many times seemed to be but an impossible dream.

And yet, I still could not get the idea out of my mind. Clearly there were some people out there building profitable businesses online. My initial thoughts were that they must have been the people who had gotten online at the beginning of the internet, made their mark, and cleaned up, leaving no space for the average newbie like me (and maybe you) to come in and carve out their own little space online. That seemed like the answer until I saw some marketers come out of what seemed like nowhere, blasting through the road to success at an incredible rate, only to tell their devoted followers that they’ve only been online for a few short years, maybe less. Certainly less…

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