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"I’m About To Expose My #1 Secret To FORCE Thousands of Blog Readers Into My Autoresponder!"

Warning: What I’m about to expose is considered by many marketers to be deceptive… The money that can be made with this is not for the weak minded and soft hearted. This is AGRESSIVE marketing and it WORKS!

Ever since I began working online, I’ve realized the power acquiring customers to a mailing list. Being able to send out an email to the same person over and over again is EXTREMELY powerful!

Unfortunately for me…I had NO clue how to acquire such a list. I’m convinced that this is a problem that 99% of Internet Marketers face today.

I’ve tried popup boxes to give away an ebook, optin forms on the side of my site to give away free training, I even tried to open a members forum in several niches to see if the crowds of people would come.

One day a good friend and fellow Internet Marketer told me about the mass amounts of comments he was receiving on his blogs… And I thought…"So what… Who really cares."…

That’s when it hit me. What if I could capture blog commenters onto my own mailing list. I’m talking about sending them to Aweber as multiple readers from all over the world are leaving comments on blogs of EVERY DAY! The owner of a blog GREATLY VALUES COMMENTS. WHY? A reader’s opinions and comments are very valuable and here’s why:

They keep an interesting discussion going. They make a blog come alive with friendships, rivalries, ideas and suggestions. They often create controversies. They bring many visitors more to the blog and make people return again and again to the blog.

Comments add useful information and perspectives, ideas and opinions to those of…