PPVGenius – the PPV (contextual) software that saves marketers time and money!

In PPV & PPC marketing you MUST find and use the most relevent domain names for your campaigns. For quite a while only an elite few PPC marketers used domain names in their campaigns. PPV marketers have always had to use domain names in their campaigns.

If you’re familiar with searching for and finding the most relevent domain names for your campaigns, you already know how much time it can take. If you’ve never implemented domain names in your PPC campaigns or never run PPV campaigns, you need to understand just how long this process takes (see the video below).

We’ve been doing this manually for the longest time for our campaigns and the amount of time spent for just one campaign was typically taking 1-3 hours! Sure some people only spend 10-15 minutes researching, but we (and other serious marketers) dig deep when researching.

The solution to the problem is here – PPVGenius! This easy to use application Will cut the research time for one campaign down to minutes instead of hours. It also runs on ANY platform that Adobe Air runs on – we know the Mac users are smiling 😉

Imagine being able to gather thousands of highly targeted domain names from across the web in minutes!

Sure…That’s great, but what about formatting for PPV and PPC? We have that covered and it’s all automatic.

Not only do we fully automate the domain name research process and formatting for PPV and PPC, but we also let you save this research to a campaign name within the application for easy access in the future.

PPVGenius is here to make your marketing research completely effortless. This tool can make someone new to marketing an expert instantly AND can take a seasoned marketer and make them better!

Remember – it runs on…