Pro Video Blueprint – How to Create Video Sales Letters

Well, if you keep searching that answer, the chances of you actually making any serious money online are slim to none.

My name is Andrew Hiddleston and since starting online I’ve constantly looking for ways to increase my slim profits. Since I already had traffic, the only logical solution was to increase conversions.

I spent a lot of time playing around with video sales letters but I thought they looked cheap and sounded worse.

I wanted to know how they triggered their audience take action with often such simple looking videos…I wanted a simple

I filled a 3-ring binder with “research” – chicken scratch notes – but needed to test the many variables.

So I setup a giant split test campaign…a serious amount of split testing, more than I’ve ever done before. It was long and boring beyond belief, but gave me some interesting results.

I quickly remade the sales video for one of my main sites – based entirely off what my testing told me.

After 3 days conversions were 34% better than my sales letter. This was still my first attempt using what would become the Pro Video Blueprint method.

Screenshot above is a 90 day split test – using the Pro Video Blueprint method. The product owner is a friend and she wasn’t happy with her sales letter – considering what she spent on it.

So we created a video for each product – she did the voice over, which was totally new for her. We than ran them side by side against the letters. All together about 4 ½ days of work from idea to split testing.

The traffic was a blend of organic (her blog/website), some paid (PPC/direct media buys) and a few affiliate referrals. Her customer list is modest so it didn’t help much. The majority of the viewers were complete strangers, but even so Product A’s…

How cool is that? Needless to say the sales letters lost the contest. I’ve seen bigger improvements, but this is recent and has enough data to show.

Now, I’m not saying you’ll get this training today and immediately make a million dollars. But you should be able to immediately use the strategies I share to increase conversions and make hundreds of times your investment back. Maybe even thousands…

And who wouldn’t like to make back their investment many hundreds of times … and risk free! That’s why you’ll love this and I won’t keep you waiting longer…

I just finished writing a 62 page digital guide on making high converting, professional looking and sounding videos. The type that make tons of money without costing you tons of money.

And let’s be honest…successful marketing videos are more than just recorded slide show presentations. They have a lot going on behind the scenes…much of it happens without you knowing.

I’m also including easy to complete worksheets, checklists and reference lists. You won’t need them after you go through the blueprint a few times, but they’ll help you in the beginning a lot.

And yes, I easily could have ditched the text guide and gone video only, but I didn’t…and it was for a really good reason: quick reference.

Pro Video Blueprint is written in the order I actually create my videos – so you can copy almost verbatim…which means you can immediately put it into use.

No time is wasted. Right away I GIVE you the exact blueprint I use to increase conversions by as much as 140%. I know of videos that have done better, but I’ve personally seen a 140 improvement.

You don’t need to have prior or technical experience to do this. You don’t need to be a professional (premium) copywriter You don’t need thousands of dollars’ worth of video or audio equipment.

The 6 Steps to Conversion – The exact formula to maximize the potency of your videos so that viewers will fall in love with you… Even if they do or don’t invest immediately.

Psychological Close Technique – Even though it’s part of “The Closer”…it’s so powerful I had to mention it on its own. Let’s just say it hasn’t failed me yet.

4 Common Mistakes You MUST Avoid – I see these mistakes made often…they’re conversion killers; learn from my mistakes and save the headache!

So how do you write video scripts that connect with and convert your viewers? Simple. Just read this chapter and fill out the worksheets. I’ve used this exact script writing method to sell over $10,000 worth of product in 19 days.

There are 2 different story styles and both work great. We’ll break down each into sections so you can determine which one to use. Over time you will use a combination of both.

Because Pro Video Blueprint is method made to be repeated. Not to mention you likely have some of the software already installed on your computer.

It’s common to feel pressure when you reach the “pitch” …online, offline, wherever.

Your tone can change, the pace you’re speaking can change and it happens without you knowing it. If closing makes you nervous or uncomfortable, you’ll really appreciate this section.

It’s short but sweet – and I’ll give you a few simple techniques to help channel negative energy into useful energy.

This mindset is great for writing sales copy… creating products… and even your personal and business relationships.

They’re not. In fact, I’m going to show you how to make them dirt cheap AND you can outsource most of the work.

You can sell these videos to local businesses or other website owners. This is only 1 chapter, but you could easily stop here and make this into a business.

Pro Video Blueprint comes with done for you worksheets and checklists. I’m even giving you a step by step action…