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Rapid Review Sites - Build Amazon Review Sites In A Flash!Click Image To Visit SiteAs you probably already know, Amazon has one of the best affiliate programs going. They were one of the first companies to create one and their brand is known all over the World. As an affiliate marketer, this means that conversion rates go through the roof when you send people to the Amazon website via your affiliate link.

Amazon have paid out millions of dollars to their affiliates over the years. Below are just a few examples of marketers who have made a fortune just by sending people to the Amazon website:

Jan Roos – Jan has sold almost $2 million worth of affiliate products simply by creating small niche Amazon review websites.

Chris Guthrie – Chris has sold almost $1.5 million worth of Amazon products. He also announced recently that he has sold one of his Amazon review websites in a six figure deal.

I could go on and list dozens more people who are making a fulltime income by being an affiliate for Amazon. Heck, even I have been an affiliate since the 1st May 2004 and they send me a nice payment every single month.

Well the truth is, although it is (in my opinion) one of the easiest ways to make money online, it takes time to build review sites. There is a whole host of things you need to do including:

– Creating videos of the products to add more benefits to your visitors

– Researching other keywords to use for extra content on your review sites

– Installing WordPress and trying to find a related theme that matches the product niche

Creating just one review site can often takes hours or even days.

I created Rapid Review Sites to help people create Amazon review websites without all of the hassle listed above. You can literally create your own… Read more…

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