rockin’ copy 101

You Can Write Dynamite Copy That Sells Like Crazy! Let a Fortune 500 Writer Show You How.

With a little help (hint: a new mindset) from Rockin’ Copy 101, you won’t even need 8 seconds to win your readers over completely — and keep them on your side.

This turbo-charged writing guide leaves no room for error. Your writing WILL improve. It reinforces what you intuitively know, and backs it up with the "power of persuasion," using an arsenal of writing techniques and power words that make your copy virtually irresistible.

This is not just a bunch of articles thrown together like so many of the writing books that are out there today.

Rockin’ Copy 101 was conceived and written with a single purpose: to teach you the art of persuading people with words. And it was created by a veteran copywriter who uses these very same techniques day in, day out.

In fact, the methods described in Rockin’ Copy 101 have driven the sales of some of the hottest products in the market for the last 30 years. They form the basis for the online and print advertising campaigns of a number of Fortune 500 companies.

"This isn’t just a book for copywriters, it’s a book for anybody who has ever wanted to be persuasive or express themselves powerfully. For copywriters, this book is a dream; Harry’s collective wisdom is just pages away, and it’s an easy, enjoyable read that’s rich with insider knowledge. If you write so much as an e-mail in your daily life, read this book, your readers will thank you!"

"I’ve been a professional voice-over for nearly 30 years, and believe me well-written copy makes a world of difference! A poorly written script, at best, will come off sounding awkward. A…

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